​Sometimes an instructor will make arrangements to proctor a test or locate a quiet, non-distracting area for the test; other times the instructor is not able to do so.

  • If the instructor makes arrangements for extended time or a quiet area, that is satisfactory. If a reader or scribe is also needed, the student will call the SDS office at 774-3018 requesting that a volunteer be sent to the location determined by the instructor.
  • If the instructor is unable to find a quiet place or someone to proctor to allow for extended time, then the student will contact the SDS office (774-3018) from three to seven days prior to a quiz or test, to request extended time, reader or scribe if needed, and a quiet room.  For any questions or concerns, please call 774-3018.
  • Instructors can remind students when a test is coming up to make arrangements if they have accommodations.

Tests being administered at the SDS office can be

  • hand delivered to 120 Park Library
  • faxed to the SDS office at 774-1326
  • emailed to sds@cmich.edu

Test material should include any instructions given in the classroom, length of time given for quizzes or if time allotted is different than the normal class period.

Instructors may pick up tests when they are completed, or tests will be returned to the instructor's department mailbox at the end of the day.  If access to the mailbox is not available, the test will be returned to the SDS office for pickup by the instructor or an appointee the next day.  We will attempt delivery again at the end of the next day.​​​