Steps to Register as a Student with a Disability

  1. ​Complete the online Student Disability Request for Services form.

  2. Print a copy of the Documentation Guidelines for YOUR disability. Give the guidelines to your appropriate medical provider. The guidelines will assist the provider in writing your documentation. Once you have your documentation, submit it to our office. You may submit the documentation by mail, fax, or by bringing it to our office. *What does "documentation" mean? It is very important that you view our Documentation Guidelines and print them for your medical provider. Many students assume that "documentation" means medical records, but it does not. Documentation usually consists of a medical doctor's letter and/or a psycho​educational evaluation, but may vary by category of disability.

  3. Once the Request for Services form has been completed AND we have received your documentation, we will review the submitted materials. We may contact you to confirm your request(s), ask clarifying questions, talk about your classroom experience, discuss accommodation options, or ask for additional documentation.

  4. Once your application is complete and accommodations are established, our office will email you a copy of your accommodation letter and an explanation of common types of accommodations for you to give to your instructors.  You must issue the accommodation letter to your professors if you wish to use your accommodations for that course.  You may email the letter to your instructors or hand it to them to discuss in person.

  5. Should you have any questions about your accommodations or if you have new diagnoses or impacts that you would like to discuss with us, please reach out to our office.  We look forward to partnering with you to best meet your academic accommodation needs.