​​5.4.1 - The following matters may be appealed to the Appeals Board:

  • - The decision of a University Hearing Body or a University Hearing Officer as provided in Section 5.2.  The appeal may be as to the facts found or the sanction set or both.  If the sanction is automatic, then the appeal may only be made as to the findings, or the terms of a suspension.  The appeals board may not reduce the sanction below the minimum imposed by Section 4.4 or by the terms of behavioral contracts or other disciplinary actions in which automatic sanctions are specified.
  • - The sanction set by the Conduct Proceedings Officer after admission of violation by the student.  Imposition of any automatic sanction after such an admission may not be appealed; however, the term of conditions of the sanction may be appealed.  See Section for more information regarding this type of appeal.
5.4.2 - The Appeals Board consist of the Student Government Association President or designee, the Chairperson of the Academic Senate or designee, and the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs or designee and must participate in the appropriate training sessions regarding the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Proceedings. ​

Appeals Board Procedures

I.  Opening Statement

A.  Date
B.  Location
C.  People Present
D.  The Charge and Sanction

II.  The party requesting the appeal should present its position related to the finding and/or sanction

III.  The other party should present its position related to the findings and/or sanction

IV.  Appeals Board may ask questions

V.  Appeals Board Deliberates

***Students are encouraged to read Section 5.4 of the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures for a complete​ description of Appeals***