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Take Care is simple, really – and you might already be doing it. It just involves taking good care of yourself and making sure your friends and fellow students are doing OK – and if they’re not, speak up and lend a hand.

Through Central Michigan University’s Take Care initiative, you are encouraged to observe what is going on around you, notice potentially dangerous or serious situations, and respond to the best of your ability to influence a better outcome.

Why should you care?

You’re probably already familiar with some of the dangers involved with college life – drinking-related accidents, sexual assault and suicide are a few of the unfortunate realities that college students across the country face on a daily basis. The problem is that too often, when people are faced with a potentially dangerous situation, they worry that they will do the wrong thing – or they assume it’s not their place to get involved. It’s called being a bystander, and throughout history there have been several well-documented cases of people who suffered severe trauma and even died while people stood around and did nothing.

Let’s make sure this does NOT happen on our campus or in our community. When you think someone needs your help, don’t hesitate. Take positive action to help!