The CMU Care Team can assist with a variety of concerns. Topics addressed include academic concerns, alcohol, bullying, eating disorders, harassment, stalking, hazing, mental health, self-injury, sexual assault, social/adjustment issues, substance use and abuse, suicidal ideation, violence/threat of harm, and weapons.  

Submit a report

Fill out the online form or call the Care Line at 774-CARE (2273) to leave a voicemail.

Confidentiality and privacy are important, both for you and the person you are seeking to help. Only the CARE Team will see the report you submit. If there is information that supports imminent risk to a person’s safety, information will only be shared on a need-to-know basis.

CARE Reports, filed online or over the phone, are reviewed Mondays through Fridays during business hours when CMU is open. If an immediate or imminent threat or an emergency exists, call 911 or contact the CMU Police Department at 989-774-3081.