Here are a few of the simple and easy things you can do to avoid being a bystander:

  • It might seem hard the first time around, but get used to asking people around you, “Are you OK? Do you need some help?” It’s better to risk looking foolish than to be the person who could’ve done something in the event of a major crisis.
  • Don’t let your friends drive drunk – or even buzzed – under any circumstance. Call a cab, find a designated driver or offer to walk them home.
  • Don’t leave a friend alone at a party or with people you don’t know. They may argue with you. Be firm and persistent.
  • If a roommate or someone you see looks or acts depressed or sick, take a minute to ask them how they’re doing. Gently refer them to a resident assistant, CMU’s Counseling Center or Health Services.
  • Bullying is childish – don’t tolerate people making fun of others’ differences. Do the right thing and stick up for other people.