From the Vice President


Reshaping “U”! You might ask yourself, what does this mean as this year’s theme for University Recreation. I am hopeful that this theme will take on many meanings as we begin another school year. This time of year always brings excitement, optimism and enthusiasm as we embark on another journey through the school year. This year we will celebrate the 20th year of operation of the Student Activity Center here at CMU and we remain a critical part of the university mission to serve students in curricular and co-curricular activities. We remain the “place of choice” for student employment and development here at CMU, and as a tremendous venue for applied research, exploration and personal and social development.

Reshaping “U”

· Increasing our level of accountability to the mission, goals and standards of University Recreation.
· Increasing our commitment to service excellence.
· Recommitting our efforts and support of student development.
· Supporting creativity, innovation and best practices in all URec operations.
· Refocusing our commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

These are just a sample of the many opportunities we have to Reshape “U” and improve and affect the success of the department. Our staff has spent the past months developing new strategies that will support us in our quest to become the outstanding service provider here at CMU. We intend to become that rare service unit that adds value to the university and engages every staff member in our many endeavors. We will do this by maintaining our commitment to excellence, offering comprehensive service to our university community, and serving as a model for leadership and service. Reshaping “U” is part of our journey this year and only the success we all desire will determine our destination!

Have a great year!

Stan Shingles, Vice President
University Recreation, Events & Conferences