Team URec FAQ

​Q: How do I apply for a job with your department?
A: Applying for a job with University Recreation is easy. Simply fill out an application on-line for each open job that you would like to apply for. Submit your completed application with resume for each job you applied for and it will then be forwarded to the Assistant Director of Student Personnel for review. We only accept applications for open positions.

Q: What should I include in my resume?
A: Besides the necessary information (name, address, phone, email) you should include education (optional), prior work experiences, activities, and awards/achievements information.

Q: How many hours will I work in a week?
A: Scheduling procedures vary depending on employee group, but your hours are scheduled based on your desired work load and your class schedule. Undergraduate Student Staff members, in accordance with our department policy, may only be scheduled for 25 hours during the academic school year; graduate staff members for 30 hours per week.* During winter, spring and summer breaks all student staff members can be scheduled for 40 hours per week.**
* In accordance with U.S. INS, international staff members may only work 20 hours per week during the academic school year.
** International students may only work 40 hours per week during summer break.

Q: How much will I be paid?
A: Hourly pay rates are dependent on the employee group for which you are hired for. The base rates range from $7.40 per hour to $11.40 per hour. Student staff members are evaluated yearly for increases in their pay and are also rewarded with pay increases for successful completion of URec-U Majors.

Q: Can I apply for jobs in several areas at the same time?
A: You can apply for as many jobs that you would like as long as they are open and accepting applications.

Q: How can I check if there are job openings in your department?
A:  You can stop by the Student Activity Center and look at our Job Opportunities Board located across from Membership Services by the main entrance. Positions we are currently hiring for will have a green "open" marker next to the position under the category we are hiring for (GSA or CWS).

Q: What are GSA and CWS?
A: CWS stands for College Work-Study. College Work-Study is offered in a set dollar amount to eligible students as a part of their financial aid package. This includes Michigan Work Study and Federal Work Study designations. GSA stands for General Student Assistance. This award is not included in a student's financial aid.

Q: What is the environment like at University Recreation?
A: The main functions of our facility are directed by our student staff members, which currently number around 350 students. The atmosphere in our department is one that is fun and "family- like." Yet, to maintain a professional environment, students are required to dress according to a dress code policy. Students are issued a staff shirt to wear when working along with tan, navy blue, or black pants/shorts/skirts (not provided). Jeans can be worn only on Fridays in accordance with our Casual Friday program. In an effort to maintain the highest quality of customer service to our members, our department also has a no reading or studying policy.

Q: Will I have to work school breaks, holidays, weekends, evenings and early-morning shifts?
A: There are opportunities, if you desire to work during CMU winter, spring and summer breaks. If hired by URec, we work around your schedule; however, you will have to work some weekends, holidays, evening and early-morning hours. Certain holidays warrant holiday pay, which is time-and-a-half.

Q: How long after I submit my application and resume should I expect to be contacted?
A: You will receive a letter confirming that we have received your application and resume within a week. If we feel that you may be a good fit for the position, you will be contacted for an interview.

Q: How long will my application remain on file in your department?
A: 3 years.

Q: What is the interview process like?
A: If you are called​ for an interview, in most cases you will meet with the Assistant Director of Student Personnel and/or the Employee Group Supervisor for that position. References will be checked to verify your work history. The interview itself will last an average of 20 minutes.

Q: What type of training is required if I am hired?
A: You will receive blood borne pathogens training, sexual harassment training, Traditions 101, American Red Cross Adult, Infant, and Child CPR and First Aid Certification, and your specific employee group training.

Q: Whom do I talk with if I have additional questions?
A: Please direct any further questions to the Senior Assistant Director of Student Personnel and Training and Development at, or stop by the Student Activity Center between the hours of 9am and 5pm.