Indoor cycling is an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone because it allows participants to set and reach individual goals in a group setting. Instructors trained and certified by Schwinn Nautilus lead small groups and motivate with music and verbal cuing. Because participants are riding individual bikes, they are able to ride at their own intensity level within the structure of the session. This makes it possible for both beginner and expert cyclists to ride together in the same session. Sessions are structured like an outdoor ride using various terrain simulations such as: hills, flats, and climbs. Participants will learn better cycling techniques, improve focus, and experience improved strength through an aerobic activity.

Regular group fitness classes are held in the Center Court Cycling Center. For more information about the schedule and cost, please visit the Fitness & Wellness webpage.

If you are interested in booking a private instructor and class, please contact Margie Cole.

If you need any additional details or have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact Margie Cole, Assistant Director Fitness/Wellness at or 774-3686.