MP Fit is a 1,900-square foot fitness center that strives to create a unique and personal fitness experience. The emphasis is to provide participants of any level to work with knowledgeable staff, a variety of equipment, and informative seminars to

meet their fitness goals. An individual with approved credentials to use the room must be present at all times. Open recreation use is prohibited. Members must be 16 years or older to use the area.

MP Fit is for scheduled, instructional use only including:

  • URec Personal Training & Small Group Training
  • URec Group Fitness Classes (Strength and Cardio training)
  • Physical Education (PED) academic classes
MP Fit is equipped with the following:
  • Life Fitness Synrgy 360XL
    • Rope pull
    • Power pivot
    • Cable station
    • Boxing bag
    • Dip handles
    • Rebounder
    • Stall bars
    • Battle rope
  • Three Life Fitness GX Water Rowers
  • Treadmill, upright bike, elliptical
  • Kettlebells
  • Slam balls and medicine balls
  • TRX Suspension Trainers
  • Peg Board
  • Dumbbells
  • Half rack with platform
  • Decline bench
  • Smith machine
  • Preacher curl
  • Selectorized Leg Curl and Leg Extension

MP Fit