Charlotte, NC

High School:

Phillip O. Berry Technology Academy


Master of Arts - Central Michigan University

  • Learning, Design, and Technology

Bachelor of Science - Clemson University

  • Major: Marketing


A newcomer to the CMU community, Aaliyah completed her undergraduate degree at Clemson University in South Carolina, primarily involved as an Orientation Ambassador, Minority Peer Mentor Leader, and a member of the dance team for each of her four years there. Her passion for dance naturally led her to share that knowledge as a teacher, which in turn has led her to her current program of study, Instructional Design. In her free time she loves to try new places and things to eat, take her dog to the park, or hang out with friends.

Favorite Place on Campus:

Upstairs in the UC. The big windows let in so much sunlight. Where I'm from it's not as cold, so it's nice to feel like I'm outside without actually being outside.

Advice for Incoming Students:

Make friends and acquaintances whenever you have the opportunity. College is just as much about building a network as it is about having fun!

Fun Facts:

  • Aaliyah danced for 21 years and after labrum surgery, continued on to teach for the past two years.
  • Aaliyah adopted a dog in 2017. His name is Raz.
  • Aaliyah is an only child.

Contact Aaliyah:

Email: cupil1ad@cmich.edu

Phone: 989-774-7685

Bovee UC 106