​​​​​​The Volunteer Center can help your organization grow by connecting you to thousands of motivated students. Start by filling out our Volunteer Request Form which will ask you for information such as time/date, contact information, volunteer responsibilities, and non-profit status. Within two days of submission, we will have your event posted on our online database.

Engage Central


Volunteer opportunities can either be listed as "ongoing" or "single occurrence." An "ongoing post" serves as a static page for organizations that are continuously looking for volunteers. These postings can stay up as long as your organization needs. If your organization has a volunteer intake form, we are able to direct students there. "Single occurrence" postings are for one time volunteer needs. You are able to post as many of these as you have events and are able to post these in addition to an "ongoing post." 

If you have questions about volunteer postings or have additional needs, please email us at volunteer.center@cmich.edu or call at (989) 774-7685. We are also more than happy to meet with you and your organization to discuss further ways we might be able to assist you in recruiting CMU students.


Who Can Post Volunteer Opportunities?

Following University Policy, we can only publish volunteer opportunities that support 501c3 non-profits, student organizations, and CMU sponsored groups/events. If you are in need of personal assistance (leaf raking, moving, snow shoveling) please call 211 Get Connected. Get Answers

How Many Volunteers Can I Receive?

While we are able to advertise your opportunity to the CMU student community, we are not able to ever guarantee a set number of volunteers. We will advertise your opportunity to the best of our ability but it is ultimately up to students to decide whether or not to volunteer. In our advertising system (Engage Central) we are able to set a maximum, which can be unlimited if you choose, but we are not able to guarantee a minimum number of students.