What is the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center?

The Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center is a part of the Enrollment and Student Services Division and has been helping students become connected with volunteering opportunities since 1992. Our office is conveniently located in CMU's Bovee University Center Room 106. We provide co-curricular service opportunities to all students throughout the course of the year.  These opportunities range from one of the nations top Alternative Breaks programs, state recognized Lunch Buddies program, federally funded America Counts and Reads program, advocacy-based programs such as the David Garcia Project and Safer Sex Patrol, monthly Volunteer Center Events, our newest program Service Ambassadors, and much, much more. 

In addition to these programs the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center also provides students the opportunity to become immersed into the community by constantly updating our OrgSync database with both on campus and off campus volunteer opportunities. Our community partners include several non-profit organizations, campus offices and student organizations as well as our above mentioned Volunteer Center programs.

To learn more about the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center please visit our History page.


What is OrgSync?

OrgSync is the main communication tool that all 300+ registered student organizations, fraternities and sororities, student activities, University Recreation, and the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center utilizes to connect with students.  We post all of our updates, news, events, and podcasts on the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center OrgSync page. Setting up an OrgSync account and joining the Volunteer Center is critical to staying up to date on all campus activities.


How can my student volunteer?

To have your student begin volunteering, direct them to our office, which is located in the Bovee University Center Room 106 and one of our helpful staff members will assist them in finding volunteering opportunities either through our office or with a non-profit organization in the community.  If your student prefers, please have them browse our website and then join the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center on OrgSync.  Once a student joins our organization, they now have access to all of the volunteering opportunities within the community. 

How will volunteering help my student succeed while at Central Michigan University?

Volunteering is a great way for students to become familiar with the Mt. Pleasant community and many students are able to meet new friends and discover new passions.

Volunteers are also encouraged to keep track of their service hours with the help of our Involvement Entry form on OrgSync. Students have the opportunity to keep track of their involvements and print out a Service Transcript that they can then use for scholarship, internship or job applications and resumes. 

If your student needs assistance in learning how to keep track of their hours on OrgSync then they should visit the Volunteer Center. One of the student staff members would be more than happy to teach interested students on how to utilize OrgSync.


Does my student have to sign a release form​ to volunteer?

When entering OrgSync, it is required that all students read and sign the release of liability form. It is important that students, faculty and staff are aware that volunteering provides an exciting opportunity for students to provide valuable service to areas and people in need and to experience new places, kinds of work, different cultures and customs and teamwork. However, the very difference of the experience also poses some risks that should be carefully thought about by each participant. This document attempts to highlight some of these risks.


What if my student is not a registered CMU Student. How should they register?

If your student wishes to volunteer, contact your local Community Volunteer Center and ask them to help you find a volunteer event that suits your students talents, needs, and availability. Search for your local United Way Volunteer Center at www.unitedway.org. You can also visit our "Global Campus Students" page in order to access several websites that focus on connecting active citizens to non-profits in their local community.

If you wish to view our database please contact the Brandell Volunteer Center by phone at 989.774.7685 or email at volunteer.center@cmich.edu.


My student will not have a car on campus, will that hinder them from being able to volunteer?

Simple answer- No!

We understand that many students do not have access to a car while living on campus and that they may feel limited to the kind of service they can do in the community so we have created an easy way for students to view ALL service opportunities that are on campus.

There are also Volunteer Center sponsored programs i.e.  Alternative Breaks, Service Ambassadors and Lunch Buddies that provide transportation to and from the service sites.


My student forgot their password/username. What should they do?

Contact the Help Desk at 989.774.3662. They will guide you through the process of resetting your password. Or follow this link to learn more about your student's Global ID and Password.

How does my student find out more about the events listed in OrgSync?

If you have more questions that are not answered by the information given under a volunteer event, please call the listed contact number or the Brandell Volunteer Center for more information at 989.774.7685 or visit us at Bovee UC 106.