Costs and Billing 

A non-refundable $50 deposit is charged for signing up for an Alternative Weeklong Break. Each Weeklong Alternative Break costs $300 before fundraising and travel grants are applied. The final Break cost will be emailed to participants prior to the cost being charged to their student account.

Alternative Weekend Breaks cost a $40 flat rate. 

Costs are inclusive of all meals once at your site, service site fees, housing fees, van rentals, gas, and administrative costs.

Additional costs outside of the amount billed to your student account may include food on the drive to the service location and possible excursions your group chooses to participate in. 

Domestic breaks in each season cost the same amount before individual site fundraising. In order for the final cost to reflect as close to the true costs, the final cost will be announced close to the time the trip goes out. 

Payments for International breaks may differ. 

Reducing Costs 

LGBTQ.jpgProgram Wide Fundraising

The Alternative Breaks Board plans several fundraisers for each season to help lower costs of breaks. Traditionally these include Midnight Skate, Plates of Pleasant, cheesecake sales, and candle sales.

The profits from program wide fundraisers gets split evenly between the breaks for that season. The site that gets the most people to vote for their issue at Midnight Skate gets an incentive of $10 per person off of the final cost. 

Cheesecake and candle sale profits get split evenly between individual breaks.

Site Fundraising

Individual sites are encouraged to fundraise for their specific issue. All profits from individual fundraisers are applied to the final break cost. Can drives and restaurant fundraisers are popular choices. Creativity is encouraged along with smart choices!

Travel Grants 

The President's Office provides the Alternative Breaks Program with $10,000 to award to students with financial need. $100, $75 and $50 grants will be awarded to individual participants to directly lower the cost of their break experience. 

Presidential Support 

President George Ross has graciously offered to match all fundraising done by the program and sites. Half of the matched amount goes directly to lowering the cost of breaks, and half goes into the Alternative Breaks Endowment to help build the program's sustainability. 

Campus Programming Funds 

Alternative Breaks gets Campus Programming Funds each year, which goes directly to lowering the final costs for participants.