Weeklong Breaks

ASB AE 4.jpgSign ups for weeklong domestic breaks occur on Tuesdays at 7:30am. Alternative Winter Break (AWB) sign ups are Septmeber 26th, Alternative Spring Breaks (ASB) sign upsare October 24th, and Alternative Summer Breaks (ASumB) are January 30th. 

Each break has 10 participant spots available to join the 2 site leaders to make a group of twelve volunteers. Sign ups happen on a first come basis on the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center OrgSync page. 

The Waiting List 

Each season of breaks will also have a wait list. Like each site, the waiting list will have an OrgSync event. There will be a registration form attached to the Waiting List event, clicking on the register button, then selecting yes you want to be on the break and submitting and finishing the registration will get you on the waiting list for that season of breaks. 

By being on the waiting list for an Alternative Break, it means you are on a waiting list for all of the sites within that season of breaks (ex: All Winter Breaks). If some one has to drop a break for whatever reason, the next person, chronologically, will be contacted by the site leaders of the break with an opening. Individuals can be added to a break up until the Friday five weeks before the break goes out (or in the case of breaks not leaving the first weekend of the break, five weeks before the beginning of the University break). If there is no response from the individual being pulled off of the waiting list with in a timely manner, the next person on the waiting list will be contacted to fill the space. It is unpredictable how many people will be on the waiting list, and how much of the waiting list will be used. You may request to know where you are on the waiting list by contacting the current student coordinator. ​


Weekend Sign Ups

Weekends will be through out the fall and spring semester. Sign ups will generally occur about one month before the Alternative Weekend. Sign ups will be advertised through the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center OrgSync page and Facebook page. 

Alternative Weekend sign ups are on OrgSync similar to Week Long breaks, opening at 7:30am. Once you click attending, you will need to come into the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center to fill out some paperwork at the front desk. 

The site leaders will then contact the group with details about the break and ideally have a group meeting before the Alternative Weekend. 

International Sign Ups

International sign ups work a little bit different. There will be information sessions that individuals must attend where all the details of the International Alternative Break will be shared, including cost, location and other details. Once you attend a session, you will be sent an OrgSync form to fill out. After completing the form (usually by the Friday before the Monday sign ups), you will be invited to join an Org page, "International AB." The morning of the sign up, the event will be on this page!