Alternative Breaks Site Leader Application 

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Site Leader!

Becoming a Site Leader

Application Timeline

Required Training Dates

Alternative Breaks Site Leader Responsibilities

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Becoming a Site Leader 

The Alternative Breaks Advisory Board and the Volunteer Center are excited about your interest in being a Site Leader for the Alternative Breaks program! We are looking for enthusiastic leaders who are committed to leading a quality community service experience through direct service, reflection, and education.

An Alternative Break Site Leader entails a little bit of everything – a parent, leader, follower, accountant, alarm clock, educator, confidant, supervisor, and mostly, a support system. A Site Leader also oversees the entire Alternative Break experience, from educating the participants to handling daily logistics and managing conflict within the group. He or she must know when to be a Site Leader and when to be delegator, facilitator, or supervisor for the group.

A GPA of 2.25 or higher is required to be a Site Leader. As long as you meet the requirement, your GPA will not be factored into your application. The requirement is that you have been on at least one weeklong Alternative Break.  The Site Leader position description and mandatory training dates are below. Please review below as it lays out your duties as a site leader.

Site leader applications are open for the 2016-2017 academic year until Friday, August 28 at 5 pm.  Please read this information page and fill out the application located on ​Orgsync.

 Please direct any questions to Caitlin Clough at 989.774.7685, or Bovee UC 106. After submitting the OrgSync form you will receive an email from OrgSync saying you completed the form. 

Required Training Dates:

For the 2017-2018 academic year the training dates are tentative.

Specific training dates will be determined once site leader positions are offered.

Site Leader Orientation will be in early September on a Sunday. These trainings are typically held from 5-7 pm.

Site Leader Retreat will be September 29 - October 1. This will be a weekend long training and is mandatory for any site leader.  

Additional workshop trainings will be scheduled leading up to the breaks that are required for all site leaders to attend. 

* Note that absences from any training or required event may result in your removal as a Site Leader. The weekend training is required for all site leaders. 

Alternative Breaks Site Leader Responsibilities

Site Leaders should anticipate at least 3 hours every week spent dedicated to Site Leading including weekly office hours with your Co and weekly group meetings. Additional hours will be expected when there are required trainings, fundraisers, or other AB events. 


  • Attend All Trainings: Site Leader Picnic, Weekend long Retreat, Training Workshops 
  • Attend Orientation and Kick-Off
  • Coordinate and plan meaningful weekly meetings for group, which include issue education, group building activities, etc.
  • Communicate with board members who need information from you to coordinate the program as a whole
  • Hold a weekly office hour (at minimum) with your Co-Site Leader in the Alternative Breaks Office.
  • Distribute and collect necessary paperwork and turn in to point person (this would include participant policies, hold harmless forms, driving paperwork etc.)
  • Contact housing and service site prior to departure after information secured from Site & Service Development coordinator on AB Board
  • Coordinate and facilitate fundraisers according to Fundraising Procedures 
  • Do a Site Overview with the Alternative Breaks Advisor 
  • Check out money bag, pick up reflection supplies, coordinate van pick up from Enterprise 


  • Lead meaningful reflections each day
  • Be the face of AB for the group – keep group schedule and times in mind, coordinate daily tasks directly with supervisor at site, manage daily logistics, etc.
  • Keep track of and organize all receipts
  • Keep track of credit cards (and emergency cash) and know how much money is on them at all times
  • Handle conflict in a calm and professional manner; this includes emergencies


  • Return vans to Enterprise 
  • Turn in reflection supplies, other materials, and credit cards and receipts in a timely fashion (as designated by AB Board)
  • E-mail photos and legacy notes to Administrative Assistant or designated person within timely fashion of returning back to CMU
  • Attend Re-Orientation Celebration
  • Carry out planned Re-Orientation project with group
  • Maintain connection with Site Leader Orientation & Training co-chairs to provide follow-up