Welcome! Thank you for your interest in becoming a Site Leader!

Becoming a Site Leader

Site Leader Application Requirements

Required Training Dates

Alternative Breaks Site Leader Responsibilities

Becoming a Site Leader 

The Alternative Breaks Advisory Board and the Volunteer Center are excited about your interest in being a Site Leader for the Alternative Breaks program! We are looking for enthusiastic leaders who are committed to leading a quality community service experience through direct service, reflection, and education.

An Alternative Break Site Leader entails a little bit of everything –leader, follower, accountant, alarm clock, educator, confidant, supervisor, and mostly, a support system. A Site Leader oversees the entire Alternative Break experience, from educating the participants to handling daily logistics and managing conflict within the group. He or she must know when to being a Site Leader means switching roles between delegator, facilitator, or supervisor for the group.

Questions? Stop in the Volunteer Center in UC room 103.

Site Leader Application Requirements:

- Minimum GPA of 2.25

- Previous participation in at least one weeklong Break

- Availability during Winter, Spring, or Summer Breaks, and during all training dates

- Completed Application

Required Training Dates:

Training for the 2017-2018 academic year has been completed. Stay tuned for updated information about 2018-2019 site leader applications and training dates.

Alternative Breaks Site Leader Responsibilities

Site Leaders should anticipate dedicating 3 hours a week to site leading responsibilites. This includes weekly office hours with your Co-Site Leader and weekly group meetings. Additional hours will be expected when there are required trainings, fundraisers, or other AB events. 


  • Attend All Trainings: Site Leader Orientation, Site Leader Retreat, Training Workshops 
  • Attend Orientation and Kick-Off
  • Coordinate and plan meaningful weekly meetings for group, including issue education, group building activities, etc.
  • Hold a weekly office hour (at minimum) with your Co-Site Leader in the Alternative Breaks Office.
  • Distribute and collect necessary paperwork from participants (this includes participant policies, hold harmless forms, driving paperwork, etc.)
  • Contact housing and community partner (which are coordinated by the AB Board) prior to departure
  • Coordinate and facilitate fundraisers to lower the cost of your break
  • Complete a Site Overview with the Alternative Breaks Advisor 
  • Check out money bag, pick up reflection supplies, coordinate van pick up from Enterprise 

During Break

  • Lead meaningful reflections each day
  • Participate and engage in meaningful service with the group
  • Be the face of AB for the community partner and housing – keep group schedule and times in mind, coordinate daily tasks directly with supervisor at site, manage daily logistics, etc.
  • Keep track of and organize all money (including credit cards, recipts, cash, etc)
  • Handle conflict and emergencies in a calm and professional manner


  • Return vans to Enterprise 
  • Turn in reflection supplies, other materials, and credit cards and receipts in a timely fashion (as designated by AB Board)
  • E-mail photos and legacy notes to Administrative Assistant or designated person within timely fashion of returning back to CMU
  • Attend Re-Orientation Celebration
  • Carry out planned Re-Orientation project with group