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Mentoring through sports.jpgThrough CMU Alternative Breaks, students have the opportunity to develop into life-long acti​ve citizens in local, national and global  communities through diverse, direct-service  experiences dedicated to social justice. 

 Breaks occur over the academic winter, spring, summer, and weekend breaks. Sites pair with a non-profit organization working to combat specific social issues. The Breaks are comprised of 12 students, including two trained student site leaders.

Students sign up for a break based on a social issue they are interested in, as opposed to the location of the trip. The location and organization are disclosed to the group following sign ups. Students meet weekly with their group prior to departure in order to assist with planning and to work on education of their social issue. Students will also learn about the Eight Quality Components of an Alternative Break, as well as the Active Citizen Continuum, according to the Break Away model for Alternative Breaks. The words below are links to different pages pertaining to information on Alternative Breaks. 

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Weeklong Breaks (AWB, ASB, ASumB)​

International Breaks

Alternative Weekends

Leadership Opportunities​

Becoming a Site Leader

Becoming a Board Member

Additional Information

How Sign Ups Work

Billing and Costs



9 Quality Components

Active Citizen Continuum