"Alternative Breaks has helped me critically think about the way every social justice issue intersects with others in our world."​​​​​

Alternative Breaks Logo.jpgThrough Central Michigan Alternative Breaks, students have the opportunity to develop into lifelong active citizens by participating in local, national, and global community, direct-service experiences dedicated to social justice. 

Breaks occur over the academic winter, spring, summer breaks, as well as weekend and Friday breaks. Alternative Break groups partner with nonprofit organizations working to combat social issues in their local area. Click here to see a full list of weeklong break topics and sign up dates. 

Breaks are comprised of 12 students total, including two trained student site leaders. Students sign up for breaks based on a social issue they are passionate about serving. The location and organization are typically disclosed to the group following sign-ups.

Mentoring through sports.jpgPrior to departure, participants meet weekly with their group to assist with planning and to educate themselves about the social issue they will be serving. Students also learn about the Nine Quality Components of an Alternative Break and the Active Citizen Continuum, which are models for service and leadership in an Alternative Break designed by Break Away

To learn more about an Alternative Break, check out the links below.

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Weeklong Breaks (AWB, ASB, ASumB)​