​September 2010 Winners

College Democrats

The College Democrats works hard to educate students on issues that affect them and actively registers new voters in Isabella County. Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the College Democrats honors President Obama's call to service and collects nonperishable items to donate to the local food pantry. In 2008, the College Democrats registered over 3,200 new student voters in Mount Pleasant. In 2010, they hope to beat that number and get more students out to the polls by providing transportation and directions to each polling location. 


Brad O' Donnell

Brad is the President of the College Democrats. He has done a phenomenal job of maintaining the RSO's membership as well as working on various projects around campus. Brad has worked hard for the past three years encouraging political participation by registering CMU students to vote. In 2008, he worked with Barack Obama's presidential campaign and helped to register over 3,200 students voters. This year, he is adopting the strategy used in 2008 to register students to vote.


Kristen Dyke

Kristen has worked extensively with Habitat for Humanity over the last 4 years, both in Isabella County and the Tri-Cities area Habitat in Grand Haven. She volunteers at both the ReStore and build sites. She was the volunteer coordinator for Habitat for Humanity Isabella County and spent a summer volunteering in the office of the Tri-Cities area Habitat. She has assisted with several Habitat events, including the 5k fundraiser that was put on last year. Kristen also spent the last summer biking across the country to raise money and awareness for affordable housing with Bike & Build, and was the top fundraiser on her trip. She spent days biking or working at build sites and evenings giving community presentations for the cause.

Kristen is also an active member in Circle K and participates in many of their service projects, such as the mobile food pantry. She has also volunteered with the Isabella County Humane Society and helped to foster many animals over the last two years. Kristen is also actively involved in the service team at her church and participates with all of their service projects as well as encouraging others to become involved in community service.

October 2010 Winners

Jason Vasquez

Jason is the Student Coordinator for the Public Service Residential Community. He volunteers his time every day to work with this group of freshmen and is active in the Barnes Hall community. He also serves as a Lunch Buddies mentor, volunteers with Alternative Breaks Board and serves as a site leader and is a David Garcia Project facilitator. Jason devotes his time to causes he is passionate about and works tirelessly to see his efforts through and engage others along the way.


Thomas Trenkamp

Thomas is a member of the club water polo team and holds a position on their E-board as vice president. He is an integral part of the water polo team often running dry land practice and running practice in the pool. Tom actively participates in Special Olympics and is a mentor for Lunch Buddies. Tom is involved at Morey Elementary School by volunteering two nights a week as a basketball coach for other children at the school and referees the games he is not coaching. Tom plans to travel to Traverse City for the Special Olympic Winter games. 


November 2010 Winners

Circle K

Circle K is a RSO on campus that has been involved in several volunteer activities and events throughout the academic year. Circle K has volunteered with the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen, Mobile Food Pantry, Isabella County Animal Shelter, Kids Against Hunger, Hunger & Homelessness Week and Habitat for Humanity. The group has also participated in literacy initiatives at local schools. Circle K has hosted multiple fundraising events with proceeds benefiting a variety of non-profit organizations, and has demonstrated true initiative toward combating a variety of social issues. Their efforts have produced remarkable impact within the Mount Pleasant community.


Daniel Pugh

Dan is a temporary faculty member who teaches ANT 101: Social Justice in a Global Society. He teaches on all world issues and gives an objective viewpoint so that individuals can decide what they think and how they want to get involved with each topic. Dan uses his knowledge supplemented with the book to provide a rounded discussion on all relevant issues. His passion is something that not every teacher necessarily has for each topic they discuss in class, but he somehow manages to facilitate group discussion, bring out opinions and other points of debate, and raise awareness for real social justice issues around the world, not just limiting awareness to the immediate area.


Sue Li

Sue is the SGA representative for Circle K. She is very involved and participated in the Living, Lands, Water Alternative Spring Break last year. Being a Michigan Service Scholar, she has done more than 300 hours of volunteering within just the last year. She is always passionate about Circle K and volunteering. In the past year, Sue has been involved with the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen, Mobile Food Pantry, Isabella County Animal Shelter, University of Michigan 24-hour service day, Commission on Aging, Tender Care, Love Pit, and the David Garcia Project, among many others. Sue has also started a project called DoRAK (Do Random Act of Kindness) in Circle K. She has a big heart is always willing to go the extra mile to make other people smile.


Maurice Anderson

Maurice is a facilitator for Safer Sex Patrol. He has stepped up in his own position and has filled in for other facilitators numerous times. Maurice continues to volunteer regularly when assistance is needed. He is always more than willing to fill in at the last minute, and does this without incentive. The program's effectiveness and reach would suffer without his willingness to participate and take such an active, engaged role.


December 2010 Winners

Kelly Irwin

Kelly is a freshman student in the Public Service Residential Community who continually displays tremendous community involvement. During the first weekend of October, instead of attending the CMU Football game she spent her weekend in Sandusky, Ohio volunteering at Cedar Point. With the help of her peers, she was able to raise a total of $2,000 to sponsor a food truck for a Mobile Food Pantry that she will also be volunteering for in February 2011. In the month of October Kelly volunteered her time at the local animal shelter walking the dogs and playing with kittens, and took part in her first Alternative Break experience working with Youth at Camp Cavell. Kelly embodies the enthusiasm, passion, and character that CMU and the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center represents.


Zach Lizenby

Zach actively participates in several Volunteer Center Programs, including Adopt-A-Grandparent, the David Garcia Project, Lunch Buddies, Alternative Breaks, and America Reads. Zach shows initiative, drive, and devotion when it comes to public service and serves as a role model of what a student leader is.


Callie Anderson

Callie has, and continues to, participate in numerous volunteer events around campus, including an Alternative Weekend for individuals with disabilities and a food drive to benefit those in need within our own community. Callie is always thinking of new ways to become involved and benefit the community that she lives in.


January 2011 Winners

CMU Honors Class of 2014

The CMU Honors Program freshman class worked for 16 weeks over the fall 2010 semester in 40+ small groups doing fundraisers for the American Red Cross Mobile Food Pantry. The end result of their hard work was the raising of  nearly $13,000 to help fight hunger in Isabella County. This was the largest annual donation to the Community Compassion Network ever. Each food truck will feed over 350 local families for a week, and the students' donation is enough to purchase several trucks. In addition to raising money for the food truck, each Honors student also was able to volunteer their time working at a food truck. A total of 5 food trucks in the fall semester each had between 50 and 90 Honors students working at it to distribute food to clients.

The Honors students were also responsible for educating the community regarding hunger, which they did in a number of ways, including discussions, information cards, posters, flyers, face-to-face conversations and Facebook. Some of the projects included a silent auction, a date auction, several pop can drives, a bake sale, speed dating, a 5k Run, euchre tournaments, and much more. There are 250 freshman in the Honors Program Freshman class. The results from their hard work and commitment can without a doubt be seen within the community that they live in.


Kristen Matthews

Kristen started and has grown the Special Olympics Michigan Young Athlete's Program (YAP) for Mount Pleasant. Kristen wanted to do more for Special Olympics and, as a child development major, was a perfect fit for YAP. After two semesters, Kristen put on an exhibit with her athletes and volunteers for parents, staff and area directors at the 2010 State Summer Games. The YAP program in Mount Pleasant has grown to more than 15 athletes on a regular weekly basis.

The Young Athlete's Program is designed to provide children with intellectual disabilities of ages 2-7 with a chance to develop motor skills as well as sports fundamental skills, so when they turn 8 they have a foundation of skills for competing in Special Olympics. Through her initiative, the Young Athlete's Program is highly regarded by parents in the surrounding areas. Not only has Kristen provided a fun time for children, but also has provided a resource for parents to connect with Special Olympics. Kristen recruits and retains 15-20 volunteers that assist with the program throughout the year. She has been a great asset to Special Olympics and has created an outstanding YAP program here locally.


James Garavaglia

As the Campbell Hall Community Council Fundraising Chair, James has gone above and beyond his normal responsibilities to raise money for the Humane Animal Treatment Society. It is through his efforts and leadership that the group has been able to raise over $800 for their cause, putting them on track to reach their goal of over $1000 by the end of the year. Jimmy also serves as the hall fire marshall and volunteered to run members of his hall through different exercises to educate them on the importance of fire safety.


Kelly Schiess

Kelly is a phenomenal person who although is extremely busy, always finds time to help out with her multiple involvements. One of her involvements is the David Garcia Project. Last semester, Kelly facilitated seven sessions, going above and beyond the two required to remain a facilitator. Kelly is a perfect example of what it means to go above and beyond.  


February 2011 Winners

Stephanie Pocsi

Nicole Infante

Candace Quinte


March 2011 Winners

Angela Hellow

Janelle Vincent

Shannon Schmutz

Dr. Omar Keith Helferich


April 2011 Winners

Kaite Young-Kendall

Shea Mead

Kelsey Guiliani