September 2013 Winners

Nick Brezina


Nick is the Mock Interview Program Intern with Career Services.  In this position, Nick volunteers three hours each week to conduct interviews for CMU students and alumni, spends hours each week in-office to help coordinate the program, and, most importantly, spends three hours each week training one of the newest interviewers, an international student.  Nick is educating and empowering this student so he is able to conduct effective interviews.  Nick is giving him the tools necessary to not only be a better interviewer himself, but to pass on the knowledge of interviews to many students (both domestic and international) on campus, no matter what their first language is!


Tamika Hawkins


Tamika has participated in Card Board City where she raised awareness of the homeless by sleeping inside of a cardboard box in 30 degree weather.  She has also volunteered as a helper with Red Cross Mobile Food Pantry, the local soup kitchen, Woodland Hospice, and Safer Sex Patrol, as well as the David Garcia Project, to help raise awareness of safer sex and disabilities. In addition, Tamika participated in two Alternative Breaks where she went to Chicago and South Carolina to build better environments for children who needed the resources.  Her greatest achievements so far were being a Leadership Safari guide and an FYE Peer Mentor.  These programs were both catered to making first year students feel like they are at home during their CMU experience. 


Arianna Svestka


Arianna is a 2nd year America Counts and Reads tutor and last year she was highly involved in Lunch Buddies and Alternative Breaks.  This year, she has stepped up into the roles of site coordinator, site leader, and board member for those two programs while maintaining a passion for tutoring children through American Counts and Reads.  She's always looking to learn new things and help others!


October 2013 Winners

Cody Wilson


Cody is a Sophomore who is very active with the Service Ambassadors Program through the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center. He has attended almost every service trip so far this year to the many different non-profit organizations. He is quick to connect the meaning of service and the contribution it serves to the community. Cody has stepped up to spotlight the service program and spread the word of strong service to other CMU students. He is always one of the first to sign up for Service Ambassadors trips and looks forward to every Friday to learn about a new way he can get involved in the Mount Pleasant community.


Jessica Walls


Jessie is a junior at CMU and is involved in six different clubs and organizations this semester, alone, and has been in many others! She is currently the Secretary for The Wildlife Society and is, also, highly involved with the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center, Circle K, Student Environmental Alliance, Pre-Vet and The Organization of Women Leaders. She spends almost all of her free time volunteering through these clubs. Jessie was recently interview for Student Faces in the CMLife newspaper for her involvement with campus and the community.


Deanna Petkov 



Deanna has been volunteering with the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center's programs for many years. She has been on multiple Alternative Breaks which initially sparked her interest in volunteering. This led her to becoming a site leader with the program and, later, the co-fundraising chair of the board. Deanna is also involved with the David Garcia Project which drove her to become a facilitator for the program. Her positive attitude is a great example of how word of mouth can get people involved. Her passion shows when she talks about her work with the Volunteer Center.  In addition, Deanna is very involved around campus with different RSOs, Lunch Buddies, and Adopt-A-Grandparent. 


Student Veterans of America


The SVA at Central Michigan University strives to work toward community engagement and awareness on veteran issues both on campus, and in the community. The organization maintains an Emergency Relief Fund for veterans incurring hardships that threaten their ability to stay in school, as well as work with other organizations within the community to provide resources and programs for veterans. The SVA also gives back to the community through volunteer projects such as maintaining the Veterans Memorial at Island Park with the Home Depot and other veteran service organizations in the area. In addition, the SVA collects non-perishable food items and toiletries for deployed service members and their families, homeless veterans in our community and across the state, and for VA facilities that provide shelter for veterans.


November 2013 Winners

Shana Trotter

Shana Trotter has gone above and beyond in the realm of volunteering and humanitarianism. She went on both a weekend Alternative Break and a winter Alternative Break.  She also became an Alternative Break site leader, and volunteered with International Student Volunteers (all in the last year). Shana regularly goes to local daycares to observe, play with, and volunteer her time to help out with babies.  She even did this while she was home in the summer when the daycare she applied at couldn't pay her. She also volunteers at day-long workshops at CMU for little kids that promotes their learning. 


Megan Scudder

Megan is the Graduate Assistant for Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates (SAPA). This is Megan's second year as the GA. Megan tirelessly works to prepare all her advocates to handle the sensitive topics of Sexual Assault, Partner Violence, and Stalking. She is also passionate about educating the community on the above listed topics. Her patience, wisdom, and knowledge are a true testament to just how important this program is to her. Megan is on-call for her advocates 24/7, runs SAPA's weekly meetings, and is also responsible for the 40 hour plus trainings that the SAPA's receive at the beginning of the school year. Megan completes all of this while maintaining a full Grad school schedule in the Counseling program.


Jennifer Matschikowski

Jennifer has gone on seven different Alternative Breaks, which have affected many lives throughout the United States. She is headed for her final Spring semester and has become a Site Leader for the next spring Alternative Break. Along with these involvements, she has volunteered at the Isabella County soup kitchen and has helped with her sorority's National philanthropy. She has made it her goal during her career at CMU to help as many people as possible, and she has accomplished that goal. 


REACH Program (Career Services)


The REACH Advisor program is a peer-to-peer volunteer program located in Career Services on campus.  The group consists of about 20 individuals who dedicate time every single week to conduct walk-in hours, Monday through Thursday, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM to assist with professional document critiques.  These documents range from cover letters, to resumes, to personal statements, and so on.  All of these individuals have strong desire to help educate their peers on how to become more professional and competitive in the job seeking world, post graduation. The return that these volunteers get is the simple satisfaction of helping out their peers and making sure that accurate and beneficial information regarding professionalism is being relayed. Along with document critiques, the group also provides free presentations on campus to various clubs, classrooms, residence halls, etc. about what Career Services has to offer and the importance of getting involved as soon as possible.  Not only do these individuals act as mentors, they are also ambassadors for the Career Services Department as a whole.

January 2014 Winners

Sam Mehr
Sam is always going over and beyond. He is actively involved in many RSO's on campus and commits a tremendous amount of
time to each and everyone of them. On top of being involved with the RSO's, he commits time to volunteerism in his community. Sam loves volunteering at the Humane Animal Treatment Society. Restore for Habitat for Humanity, or Active Faith in his hometown. Sam cares about others well-being before his and does all in his ability to help others. One day he wants to help eliminate or lessen the poverty in our world. I think there should be more people like him in our world.  Sam should be recognized for all of the hard work that he puts in and that people are noticing the amount of time that he dedicates in his life for others.

Ashley Pollock
Since her Freshman year Ashley has put a lot of hard work and thought into giving back to the community. Not only has she served countless hours with organizations like Habitat for Humanity but she also help start a Habitat for Humanity RSO. Now in her junior year she continues to give back to the community with the same contagious passion that makes other want to join along. Ashley's major is community development and she plans to use it to give back to the community. More specifically, she wants to one day open up a non-profit organization similar to the boys and girls club to help inner city kids. She definitely deserves to be recognized for all of these things and more.



Para Los Ninos
Para Los Ninos is a new organization on campus this year. It started with a group of students who studied abroad in the summer of 2013 and volunteered in two orphanages in Oaxaca, Mexico. These students saw poverty at its finest and children who had to experience that. This group is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for these orphans of Oaxaca. They have already raised over $2,000 and hope to raise even more.


Dr. Andrew Bloom
Throughout the fall 2013 semester, Dr. Blom dedicated his efforts to promoting the initiatives of the International Criminal Court and the Peace Palace by coordinating and hosting several on-campus panels, presentations, and movie showings. Dedicated to educating students about international efforts to protect human rights, promote peaceful deliberation, and international engagement, Dr. Blom has been not only a servant to the CMU community, but the entire global community.

February 2014 Winners

Karly Schafer

Karly has always been very aware and much focused about the importance of volunteering. After a study abroad program in 2012 to the Dominican Republic, she said "that's what I want to do with my life; volunteer." I told her that was great but that she may want to be able to support herself too. :) She has been involved in countless committees, organizations and projects from mentoring an autistic student to volunteering at a children's museum, an assisted living home, a homeless shelter, Toys for Tots, Shop with a Cop to raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Relay for Life. She amazes me with her ambition and drive and I know the desire to volunteer will be with her for the rest of her life.


Chelsea Damico

Chelsea deserves this nomination because she is one of the hardest working students I know. Not only does she excel academically in her double major of psychology and photography but she spends a great amount of her time volunteering and improving the lives of others. She is a volunteer with lunch buddies, a mentor for a child, and teaches an art class.  She devotes most of her week to volunteering and spending time with these programs and not only attends every event each week but does it will a smile on her face. Chelsea deserves to be acknowledged for her hard work and selfless spirit.​


Lydia Miller

Lydia is a person whose whole goal is to make the world a better place for everyone. She has dedicated her time and talent to many different groups.   In describing Lydia it is difficult to do without a laundry list of clubs and activities that she has been involved with in her 3 years at Central Michigan University.  Lydia has served as a Michigan Service Scholar and has completed a total of 300 hours of community service.  In addition, she is also a Sexual Aggression and Peer Advocate (SAPA).  Through SAPA she is responsible for managing a crisis line and providing sexual agression resources to individuals.  Other involvements include Alpha Leadership, Relay for Life, two time Alternative Break Site Leader, Lunch Buddies Mentor, Leadershape Coordinator, Reach Advisor, Campus Ambassador, Leadership Safari, Special Olympics, Polar Plunge, and volunteered in Ghana last summer for ten weeks working with a children's welfare system.

Jamie Brown

Jamie is an instructor for LDR 200 and inspires each of her students with her service. Every year on Jamie's birthday, she and her daughter spend the day "Paying It Forward" around town.​  They started "paying it forward" last year on Jamie's birthday when they decided they wanted to do something significant and start a tradition.  Jamie's ten year old daughter and her volunteer together, by collecting  change all year in a glass milk jug and for the past two years they have gone to the bank and cashed it in to do different pay it forward projects.  Some of the things they have done is buy someone lunch and coffee anonymously, shopped and dropped off toys for Toys for Tots, shopped for and donated items to the women's shelter, donate movies for our troops, visit residents with flowers and chocolate at Laurels Assisted Living who do not have family in the area, donate to Christmas Outreach, collect food items, and donate her daughter's hair for Wigs for Kids.  Their favorite thing to do together is walk dogs and play with the cats at the animal shelter, they try to do that a few times a year not just on "Pay It Forward" day. 

Honors Outreach Network

During the Fall of 2013 the Honors Outreach Network held a blood drive through Michigan Blood. According to Michigan Blood, they registered 59 donors, 33 of which were first-time Michigan Blood donors, and collected 44 pints of blood. Until that drive, Michigan Blood had only ever collected up to 30 pints.  The CMU Honors Outreach Network also volunteers with the Commission on Aging, Safer Sex Patrol, Humane Animal Treatment Society, Discovery Museum, Community Compassion Network, and many more organizations in the Mid-Michigan community..​