​​September 2015 Winners

Emma Drummond ​

Emma Drummond 2.pngEmma Drummond is a person who does as much as she can to give back to the community in any way possible. She is a member of Girls On the Run, working with girls to achieve their goals along with giving advice on living better. She has partaken in a few alternative breaks, the last one where she helped with Arts @ Large in Milwaukee helping students who attend schools that are unable to provide the opportunity for large art projects. 

Emma Drummond.pngShe is currently training to be a site leader for Alternative breaks for this coming up 2015 Winter Breaks. She meets two times a week with a group of CMU students to engage in a bible study that she co-leads. Emma takes her caring to another level donating her time to be on the other side of a phone willing to help anyone in need by working with SAPA on campus. 

Along with all the caring things the does she also is apart of the Greek community, a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, spending part of her time working on the philanthropy events. Emma is a women who tries her best to make other people feel accepted and is always willing to reach a hand to any one trying to achieve their goals.

Tess Jackson 

Tess Jackson 4.png

Tess is an incredible and selfless volunteer in our CMU community. She is currently going through her third year of SAPA (Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates) training and has dedicated a large portion of her life to advocating for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. She works at Shelterhouse in Midland, which is a shelter that aims to eliminate sexual and domestic violence. 

Tess Jackson 2.pngTess is a site leader for the Alternative Breaks program and will be leading students to serve with the issue of suicide prevention in January! She is also an alum of Zeta Theta Pi sorority, which is a local service sorority. Tess has als​​o served as a volunteer facilitator for the Leadership Institute and after attending LeaderShape, created a vision to end violence! She plans to attend graduate school to become a counselor after graduating in December. Tess Jackson is an incredible volunteer in our community and deserves to be recognized!​​

Rachel Trost

Rachel has been involved with the Fancher Parent-Teacher Organization the past few years as a board member but this fall she has stepped up big time as a leader and volunteer. She is currently overseeing the major fundraiser for the school, which will raise over $25,000 to help the teachers and kids.  ​​​
She is balancing finishing up her degree, raising 2 daughters and spending her week volunteering many hours to Fancher. And you know what else? Her kids don't currently go to Fancher! She didn't want the PT​O to be short staffed so she has continued to volunteer.​​

October 2015 Winners


Gabrielle Stuart             

Gabrielle is a very motivated and involved student around campus. She genuinely loves CMU, and never ceases to participate in some event on campus. She has been a Leadership Safari guide for two years, works as a Peer Involvement mentor, holds a position as a TA for one of her professors, and is an ambassador for the First Generation College Students through the Honors Program. She has also worked with Conversation Partners, College 101, and Relay for Life (where she served as a co-captain for one year and a participant for two). Gabrielle Stuart 3.png

On a smaller scale, she is always there for the people she meets and still helps her Safari participants from both years when they have questions or need advice, no matter what time of day. Gabrielle gives so much of her time and effort to volunteering while still having time to maintain an impressive 3.5 GPA from the Honors Program. On top of this, Gabrielle works as a server at the Italian Oven for an average of 30 hours per week. 

Gabrielle Stuart 1.png

She is always a very busy individual, but Gabrielle always makes sure she has time for volunteering in the Central Michigan University. She deserves to be recognized for all of her hard work and dedication to making our campus a better place.​

Erin Breen

Erin Breen 2.png

Erin Breen advocates for social change and diversity awareness on a daily basis in her role as a Multicultural Advisor in Sweeney Hall as well as for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors as a Sexual Aggression Peer Advocate. Erin was a participant on the LGBTQ Alternative Spring Break this past spring and her passion and dedication for this issue was evident in the group and throughout their service. 

Erin Breen.png

Erin now serves on the Alternative Breaks Advisory Board and will be a site leader for an Alternative Spring Break. Erin's authenticity, empathy, and positivity are contagious and inspires everyone around her to continue to advocate for social change.  She represents everything this award stands for.

Dr. Terry McGlasson

Dr. Terry McGlasson.png

Dr. McGlasson has started the first university partnership with the Michigan Parkinson's Foundation to provide free and unconditional support of individuals and their loved ones faced with Parkinson's disease. He offers regular support through counseling and educational sessions in the Center for Community Counseling and Development, 322 Education and Human Services. 

Dr. McGlasson has partnered with two exceptional couns​​eling graduate students, Kevin Vaillancourt and Pam Myslivec to provide this much needed service and environment of support and care.​

November 2015 Winners

Laura Bush

Laura Bush is a signed Therapeutic Recreation major here at CMU. As a result of her coursework, she has a strong craving and drive to better the lives of those around her and that differ from her. In order to gain complete academic cognizance, she has realized that her education must expand beyond the four walls of a classroom. Laura immerses herself in various special needs activities such as wheelchair rugby. The majority of her weekends have been spent volunteering at the Masonic Pathways Senior Living Services in Alma where she interacts with Senior Citizens, the Children Learning Center of Isabella County Child Care Centers, and the Adult Daycare at McLaren Hospital. It takes a unique mindset to be able to care for special need individuals at multiple ages; moreover, Laura has mastered this craft with the knowledge gained as a Chippewa. She has planted the seeds of her education and grown them into a wealth of talent and understanding. Having the belief that in life things aren’t always going to be easy and that some days are going to be more difficult than others, but knowing that if you take things one thing a time it will all work out in the end, has allowed for her to be an open minded well-rounded individual with an attitude that speaks volumes.

Alyssa June

Alyssa June has logged over 406 volunteer hours since the beginning of 2015. Even after over 400 hours, she continues to volunteer. She is dedicated to her local and national community.

Alyssa June 1.png

Emily McCullen

12065835_10208752994767089_1670451379773735343_n.jpgEmily McCullen truly represents what a volunteer should be. She not only cares about the service she does, but the causes behind the issue, and spreading awareness for the issue. As the facilitator for Service Ambassadors, a program through the volunteer center, a board member and site leader for Alternative Breaks, and an upcoming participant in Global Brigades, Emily not only works to serve her community, but communities across America and around the world. 


Her passion to serve transcends in everything she does. As she works towards her goal of physicians assistant and a minor in Spanish, her ultimate goal is to work in under privileged areas of the world while giving medical help. She truly exemplifies​ being a volunteer. 

Not only does she serve herself, but also encourages that spirit of giving in every person around here. She spreads awareness, and never shies away from the opportunity to educate herself further on social justice issues.

February 2016 Winners

Nicole Thompson

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.36.49 PM.png

Nicole has been a facilitator for Safer Sex Patrol for two years now and has always been an incredible and dedicated facilitator. Recently, the program has undergone a change in staff with myself and Steven Taylor taking over as co-student coordinators at the start of the semester. Since starting, we have implemented a lot of changes in the program as well as having many events requiring the assistance of facilitators. Recently, we had a week where we had five events between ones that our program put on and programs we were requested to do in Residence Halls. Nicole went above and beyond what we required of facilitators for attendance at these events. On top of this, she spent several hours assisting us with preparation for our programs, as well as PR for our programs for the rest of the semester. She has gone above and beyond what is required of a volunteer facilitator for our program and is a leader within the program. Not only this, but she is extremely passionate about our program and her other involvements on campus. 

Kelsey Erickson

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.37.03 PM.png

Kelsey strives to better the lives of those around her every single day. Her service exceeds the volunteer work she does as a Site Leader for Alternative Breaks, in her position as Administrative Assistant for the Alternative Breaks Board, and as Service Chairperson of her sorority, Zeta Theta Pi. Kelsey's service is seen in her daily life in her warm smile and open heart to anyone and everyone. She not only does service but she lives out the ideals and purpose of service. Kelsey makes everyone around her feel included and welcome. She is always willing to help a friend, co-worker, or even a stranger. Her love for people and passion for service is obvious to all that meet her. Kelsey's attitude and personality are beyond infectious; she makes you want to be better.​ She is kind, passionate, loving, and beyond all she is dedicated to making social change. She is a great representative of CMU and someone striving for Active Citizenship.

March 2016 Winners

First Impressions

First Impressions is an initiative that supports a holistic, equitable, and inclusive student affairs best practice that requires community partnerships for sustainability. It was initially created and designed to help all students achieve career success as they prepare for workplace, career, and future achievement.

The First Impressions clothing closet is staffed and maintained by a trained team of dedicated volunteers, and it sustains 100% through donations from community members, university employer partners, and on-campus faculty and staff. The store is open to all CMU students to receive free professional clothing for interviewing, networking, and career-related events and internships.

first impressions.jpg

First Impressions was founded on the theme of “limitless possibilities.” It is a peer-to-peer program, led by peers to support peers, that requires a campus and community believing in limitless possibilities. The staff of volunteers assists students with clothing selection and fitting based on individual needs. They also assist students with overall interview preparation and professionalism. All services and clothing items are free for students to keep.

Donations for the program are accepted year round, assessed, inventoried, and taken to the First Impressions store. Statistics consistently show that the need to prepare students for employability is steadily increasing. During the 2014-2015 school year, for example, First Impressions provided professional clothing to 224 students, a 111% increase over the previous year’s success. ​

The First Impressions program is unique and self-sustaining and is a distinctive initiative among university campuses across the state and nation. It would honor the First Impressions team of volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to Central Michigan University students as they prepare for productive, meaningful careers.​

Career Services: Mock Interviews​​​

Each member of this dedicated group consistently devotes around three hours each week to helping their fellow Chippewas and community members. Each academic year, these volunteers serve around 1,400 individuals seeking interviewing assistance. In addition, they regularly set out around campus to deliver interviewing best practices presentations to registered student organizations, and volunteer for Mount Pleasant area events, such as Michigan State University Extension's annual "High School Mock Interview Day" for 300 of Mid-Michigan's junior and senior high school students.

When they serve, each volunteer dresses in business professional attire to give each interviewee the most realistic interviewing simulation possible, as well as represent our office and CMU well. They also not only look the part, but their professionalism and helpfulness do not go unnoticed. Our interviewees provide their volunteers feedback regarding their mock interview experience, and this is just one of many positive examples: “My interviewer was extremely friendly and was professional in all aspects of the interview. She explained improvements I need to make extremely well and was overall helpful. After the fact she made sure to offer a lot of helpful tips and information to be more successful next time I do an interview. Overall she did a fantastic job.”​