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America Counts and Reads (ACR) is a federally funded tutoring program administered by the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center. The program focuses on improving children's reading and math skills.  
Tutors build the confidence of the children by encouraging to become life-long readers and learners. Each year over 300 second and third grade students in the community receive one-on-one tutoring through CMU's America Counts and Reads Program.

Our mission is to:

  • Improve children's reading skills
  • Increase student comprehension and ability to solve mathematics
  • Improve student’s attitude toward mathematics and reading through a supportive and positive mentoring relationship with their tutor.
  • Get children excited about math and reading
  • Promote literacy mathematics awareness on campus and in the community
  • Give CMU students the opportunity to be a teacher and mentor to children

2011-769-12 Volunteer America Reads.jpgAmerica Counts and Reads Tutors are CMU students who have a love for working with children and a passion for teaching. Tutors work with each child for at least one hour per week, and tutor between 1 and 5 students.  Tutors use a strategy called paired reading when working with the children. Tutors must go through a criminal background check and extensive training before working with children.

If are you would like to learn about about becoming a tutor, visit the OrgSync ACR portal or contact Graduate Assistant Travis Rodgers at rodge1tw@cmich.edu.


America Counts and Reads is sponsored, in part, by the P​NC Foundation, which receives its funding from PNC Financial Services Group.  We would like to thank PNC for their continued support of enhancing children's math and literacy skills in the Mid-Michigan community.