​Browse Volunteer Opportunities 

Visit the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center Engage Central page to get connect to new opportunities.

On the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center page, be sure to sign-in and click the "join now" button, if it is available. To find volunteer opportunities, click the "events" tab at the top of the page. This will be a comprehensive list of all volunteer opportunities available, both on-campus and with community partners.

You can also sign-up for our weekly newsletter which will include sign-up links to all upcoming opportunities. Sign-up here.


Logging Your Hours

In preparation for getting a job or preparing for graduate school applications, you can log your volunteer experiences on Engage Central. This will build up your co-curricular transcript which is a document you can download and use to reflect back on all of your experiences. This document can also be used as a way to verify volunteer hours. If you swipe into an event, or are part of a program ran by the Volunteer Center, your hours are automatically logged. If you are volunteering with a program outside our office, or with a non-profit in the community, you will need to log your hours yourself. 

1. Go to Engage Central

2. Click the icon with initials or picture, in the top right corner

3. In the menu just opened, click "service hours"

4. Click "add service hours" in the blue box in the upper right-hand corner

5. All fields need to be completed. For "reference", only put someone you know will respond. You can also put the Volunteer Center and "volunteer.center@cmich.edu" and that will allow our office to verify your hours without waiting on a third party

6. Fill out the short form, and click "create"