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Make your own HAIKU: A Self-guided writing activity and display at CMU Libraries.


A tag with the haiku: Maroon memories, Golden days learning, living, Fire up my spirit, by Kathy Irwin, Dean of University Libraries on a maroon and gold background with two large red decorative flowers.
To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, learn how to write your own Haiku and have it added to Park Library’s Haiku display located on the 2nd Floor, from March 15 through April 15. The 2nd-floor activity tables will be available to the campus community when the library is open. You can view library hours at 

Hundreds of years ago, as the result of poetry contests, there evolved in Japan a form of verse known as Haiku or “play verse.” Some favorite themes and subjects in Haiku are the temporality of life, ephemerality of nature and the seasons, and the observation and interaction with nature, such as birds, trees, flowers, animals, insects, mountains, fields, and sky. Other common themes are natural forces and elements such as the moon, sunrise, snow, rain, and wind.

Join us in Park Library to learn more and partake in this Japanese art form.

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Location: 250 E. Preston St.
Mount Pleasant, MI
Sponsor: University Libraries
Contact: Kari Chrenka 989-774-1602