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Dungeons and Dragons: The Haunting of Elmenwood 1B

This 7-week D&D campaign is sure to satisfy event the most adventurous players. Read on for a preview of what lies ahead:

You find yourselves trapped in an eerie fog, enshrouding a small mountain town. Within its dense embrace, colossal shadows loom, haunting the streets, lurking within the mist's abyss. Silence becomes your ally, for the fog harbors malevolent entities, drawn forth by even the faintest of sounds. Tread cautiously, for every footfall may echo into peril. Unravel the mystery, navigate the shifting paths, and confront the source to dispel this suffocating shroud.

This event takes place each week in the Education and Human Services building on CMU’s campus, with check in available in Room 134. For drop off and pick up, please use any of the spots in Lot 49 which is on the south side of the EHS building. Here is a link to a campus map. Leading the campaign is CMU staff member and longtime D&D Dungeon Master Mike Reuter. Center staff members will coordinate and support this program for middle and high school students. All levels of experience with role-playing games (RPG) are welcome.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Amanda Cornwell at

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Sponsor: Center for Excellence in STEM Education
Contact: Amanda Cornwell 989-774-2352
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