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Black Women in Artificial Intelligence

Graphic with the words Artificial Intelligence AI at the top a maroon background, and a gold circle with a face depicting the interconnectivity of AI

Artificial Intelligence Conversations: A CMU Speaker Series

Black Women in Artificial Intelligence: 

University Discussion on AI with Angle Bush, moderated by Provost Nancy Mathews

Echoes of Innovation: Black Women in the Era of AI aims not only to highlight the remarkable contributions of Black women in artificial intelligence but also to deepen the audience's understanding of AI itself. Through this interactive discussion, the event will explore the latest developments, ethical considerations, and future trends in AI. Attendees will learn about the real-world applications of AI, how it is transforming industries and the importance of inclusivity in the tech field.

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Sponsor: Multicultural Academic Student Services CMU Innovation & Online Curriculum and Instructional Support
Contact: Curriculum and Instructional Support 989-774-4456
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