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Logo for Moliere's Tartuffe. Dark blue block lettering against a light blue background.

By Moliere | A New Translation by Ranjit Bolt

Directed by Joshua W. Brewer

When the seemingly perfect Tartuffe ingratiates himself with the wealthy Orgon and his mother Madame Pernelle, he is soon welcomed into their home and into their lives. His combination of charm, respectability and religious authority proves so irresistible that he is eventually promised the hand of Orgon’s daughter in marriage. But the rest of Orgon’s family have grave doubts – is there more to Tartuffe than meets the eye?

This hilarious and irreverent whirlwind of lies, religious hypocrisy and family feuds features one of theatre’s most perfect comedy creations, the beguiling Tartuffe.

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Location: Bush Theatre - Moore Hall
1510 E Campus Dr
Mount Pleasant, MI
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Admission: $13: Adults | $8: Students/Seniors
Sponsor: University Theatre
Contact: Emily Anderson 989-774-7712
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