FAS Strategic Planning

In 2004, the Finance and Administrative Services Division undertook strategic planning in order to provide a clear road map and future focus for the division, its departments, and constituents. In the midst of state and university-wide economic and political change, the division determined that the time was most suitable for making conscious, calculated and collaborative changes in the way division-wide planning was conducted. This strategic planning process allowed FAS to thoroughly assess itself as a supporting unit of the university.

Since that initial step, the FAS Division has refined its ability to strategically plan services and activities that help advance the institution. Strategies and initiatives for each department are determined at the beginning of the fiscal year. Progress toward each strategy is monitored based on specific, measurable outcomes. To track departmental achievements and the division's overall progress at any point in time, an online reporting tool was developed.

In 2005, Central Michigan University went through a vision planning process that resulted in the identification of five institutional priorities. Collectively, these five priorities are referred to as CMU 2010. The five institutional priorities form the basis of strategies adopted by the FAS Division. Those strategies are further refined by the departments within the division. As strategies and initiatives are achieved, the FAS Division is able to demonstrate how their actions and operations are directly influencing the university's movement toward CMU 2010.

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