Who should I contact with questions regarding recycling policies and procedures?

The Student Recycling Coordinators can answer all of your questions. You can call them at 989-774-6547 or email them at recycle@cmich.edu.

Who do I contact if I notice the large Maroon tanks are full?

Contact Facilities Management Recycling Office at 989-774-6547 with the bin number (found at the top right corner of each tank) and the building location of the tank.

Where should desk side bins be dumped?

These bins should be dumped in the Rack n' Roll closest to your office/classroom, taken to a maroon tank, or called for pickup.

What should I do when I want to clean out my office or classroom?

When you have large personal office clean outs call the student recycling coordinators a week in advance, to arrange for large bins to be dropped off and picked up.

Do newspapers, magazines, and catalogs have to be bagged?

No, they do not. If they are already in a Rack n' Roll bag, that's okay; but they can be put in the tank loose to save plastic! Dump the bag's contents in the tank and reuse the bag again!

Are all building policies the same regarding recycling procedures?

Yes. One of our goals is to develop a system that is consistent between all buildings.

What should I do if I notice that my building needs additional Rack-n-Rolls?

These racks are going to be stocked in the warehouse. Although there is a limited supply of racks available, you can call 989-774-6547 and we will do our best to see if one can be installed at your location.