Recycling Details

​​Unfortunately, not everything is recyclable. Here is a list of the items that we cannot recycle, along with a list of those we can and information on how to recycle them.

No, we cannot recycle:

Carbon Paper
Green Glass
Packaging Peanuts
Paper Towel
Plastic Wrappers

Yes, we can recycle:

Note: Students who live off campus within Isabella County can contact the Isabella County Recycling Center at (989) 773-9631 for more details on recycling.
CD/DVD recycling
  • Student on campus, recycle CD/DVD/BluRays in the bins provided at your front desk. Faculty & staff, call the recycling office to have CD/DVD/BluRays picked up.
Mixed Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines and catalogs (includes anything glossy, like brochures and fliers)
​Cardboard (Use GREEN bins ONLY)
  • Large boxes (large shipments, large items)
  • Small boxes (granola bars, cereal, etc)
  • NO WAX-COATED CARDBOARD (orange juice or soy milk containers)
Mixed Containers
  • Plastic bottles and jugs (#1 and #2 plastic only)
  • Glass (no green tinted glass)
Aluminum and Tin
  • Examples: aluminum foil (free of food remnants), aluminum lids and caps, aerosol container, aluminum and tin cans.
  • Disposal:
    • Staff: Call x6547 to get a aluminum / plastic / glass container in your office area.
    • Students: Containers to dispose of aluminum/plastic/glass are located in the hallways of all classroom buildings and in kitchenettes of residence halls.
  • Students: Batteries are collected in the miscellaneous recycle container at your front desk
  • Staff: Once you have accumulated a full container, please call the Recycling at x6547.
Books (school books, bound books)
  • Soft cover books can go in the section of the recycle tank labeled 'Newspaper and Magazines'.
  • For hard cover books, please call x6547 or email
Toner/Ink Cartridges
Recycling is available for most varieties of toner cartridges. Wrap the toner cartridge in a plastic bag so that the ink won't leak.
  • Staff: Try to collect several cartridges before contacting Recycling at x6547.
  • Students: On campus residents can drop cartridges off at their front desk.
Metal Recyclables are to be recycled at the Combined Services Building or at Grounds South. Please refer to the CMU Campus Map for the locations of these buildings. 
  • Types of styrofoam
    • Foam cups and containers
    • Foam egg cartons
    • Packing foam (from bulk items like computers)
    • Rinsed, non-perforated meat trays
    • Foam food / lunch trays
  • How to recycle it:
    • Rinse off food remnants
    • Bag it in a clear, plastic bag
    • Staff: Once you have collected a bag of foam, call x6547.
    • Students: Put your Styrofoam in the rack and roll found in your first floor kitchenette.
Fluorescent Lightbulbs
Please call x6547 or email if you have lamps or bulbs.
Hazardous Waste
Have something you think might be hazardous waste? Contact us at x6547.