Faculty/Staff Information

Desk Side Bins

Call x6547 if you need a desk side bin and we will deliver one to you.

Rack N' Rolls

Rack n' rolls are located throughout most campus buildings. You will find them in designated areas with informative labels (magazines/newspapers & mixed papers).  If you have cardboard boxes that need to be recycled please break them down and place them behind the rack n' rolls. Rack N' Rolls will be emptied by custodial staff.


Office Cleanout

The recycling coordinators can provide you with a 50 gallon rolling flip-lid bin for large amounts of recycling. When you call x6547 to request a bin, please note what types of recycling you will be disposing of because that will help the coordinators know how to better serve you. For example, books need to be separate from office paper, so if you think you may have a large amount of both, we could bring you two bins.

Maroon Outdoor Recycling Tanks

These are where the custodians will take your recycling once it is time for disposal. There are several doors on the tank, each labeled with a sticker telling what type of material goes where. Almost every building on campus has a tank near their dumpster, and there is a number located on the front end of the tank. Do not hesitate to take note of that number and call x6547 to let the recycling coordinators know if a tank is full and needs to be emptied.

Additional Information

For any Recycling related needs including pickups, questions, or material dropoffs, please call the recycling service center at (989) 774-6547.