Promote Awareness

Did you know it costs:
$0.03 per hour to leave a computer on.
$0.04 per elevator ride.
$0.19 per hour to illuminate an empty classroom.
$0.30 per hour to have a toilet continuously flush.
$0.35 per hour of wasted energy (heating or cooling) when a window is left open.
$1.05 to drive around lot 22 for twenty minutes looking for a parking space.

Did you also know:
Turning down thermostats by one degree in the winter would result in a estimated savings of over $25,000.

What can you do?
Turn off your computer
Walk the stairs
Turn off the lights
Call to have toilets repaired
Close the windows
Use public transport, ride a bike or walk
Turn down your thermostats in the winter

The More Electric You Save, The Lower Tuition !