Promote Awareness

Did you know it costs:
$0.03 per hour to leave a computer on.
$0.04 per elevator ride.
$0.19 per hour to illuminate an empty classroom.
$0.30 per hour to have a toilet continuously flush.
$0.35 per hour of wasted energy (heating or cooling) when a window is left open.
$1.05 to drive around lot 22 for twenty minutes looking for a parking space.

Did you also know:
Turning down thermostats by one degree in the winter would result in a estimated savings of over $25,000.

What can you do?
Turn off your computer
Walk the stairs
Turn off the lights
Call to have toilets repaired
Close the windows
Use public transport, ride a bike or walk
Turn down your thermostats in the winter

Facilities Management's Watts Up energy meter:
Facilities Management has a "Watts Up" meter for loan to students, faculty and staff that can be used to help CMU save electricity. You can use the meter to measure the watts used by your computer, printer, monitor, office copier, etc. It can measure how much electricity each unit uses when you leave them on all the time versus shutting them off at night. It can even tell you how much electricity a copier uses in the sleep mode. It will also tell you how much the electricity cost for each test you run. Then you will know what is the most economical way to operate and how much money you save CMU.

The "Watts Up" meter is simple to use. Just plug it into the wall, and plug the unit to be measured into the meter. Then leave the meter/unit plugged in for the time period to be measured. Then read the watts and the cost. It can only be used on 120 volt appliances.

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to borrow the meter by contacting Mike Walton at We would appreciate it if you would share your findings with Mike when you return the meter.

The More Electric You Save, The Lower Tuition !