About Financial Planning & Budgets

The Office of Financial Planning & Budgets reports to the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services and has the following responsib ilities:

  • Preparing the university's current budget and long range financial plans.
  • Allocating available resources through annual budget preparation and development.
  • Maintaining and monitoring the budget for the academic and service centers throughout the university.
  • Performing budget analyses and consulting chairs, managers and others that have questions or concerns regarding the budget.
  • Preparing the reports and documents of actual and projected operating results of the university that are required to be submitted to the State of Michigan.
  • Responding to all requests, internal and external for institutional and budget data.
  • Administering and teaching instructional classes to make employees more comfortable and knowledgeable about the budget given to them and the process involved in the creation of the budget.
  • Performing position control functions which includes the budgeting, monitoring and human resources information systems maintenance.
  • Working with administrative and academic departments to resolve funding issues and give direction on budgetary procedures and policies.