G/L Accounting List - Equipment


General Ledger Accounts to Use for Equipment & Furnishing Purchases

   There are specific general ledger accounts available for recording equipment, furnishings, software, and fixed equipment purchases. Following is a description of the accounts available and the types of expenses that should be recorded in each. Please use the following information to identify the proper general ledger account when preparing your purchase order or reclassifying your credit card charges on ActivePay.

   Note: For grants, please consult with your Grant Accountant to ensure that the correct general ledger account is used when preparing your purchase order. This will ensure that the expense is recorded against the proper sponsored class, minimize variances from budget, and ensure indirect costs are recovered correctly.

Equipment & Furnishings: This group of assets generally includes all items that are perceived as moveable personal property. These items are tagged with university property identification tags to deter theft, promote good asset management and provide a basis for university departments to conduct the annual equipment inventory.

Cost < $5,000 per unit
useful life < 2 years

  Cost > $5,000 per unit

754900 Furnishings
805200: Equipment that is Tagged, Not Capitalized or Depreciated

Normally the equipment has a purchase price lower than $5,000 per unit. Lower dollar value technology related items, especially those with a high risk of theft, can also be placed in this category and tagged.

801000: Moveable Equipment that is Tagged,
Capitalized and Depreciated


Examples may include: cameras, digital cameras, stereos, audio visual equipment, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, printers, computers, electronics, and digital media equipment.

Examples may include items > $5,000: lab equipment, large copiers & printers




Upgrades or Other Enhancements: After purchasing computers, machines or other equipment, a department may purchase an upgrade or other enhancement for the original item. The general ledger account used for such subsequent purchases will depend on the cost of the upgrade and if the upgrade extends the life of the original asset:

Upgrade cost < $5,000

Upgrade cost ≥ $5,000​

801300 Upgrades / Components < ​​$5,000 for Equipment

801100 Upgrades / Components ≥ $5,000 for Capitalized Equipment


Equipment Not Tagged that is less than $5,000:  General Ledger account 805500 Equipment Not Tagged Less Than $5,000 should be used for equipment that is not tagged and is less than $5,000.  Examples of this include: Memory cards, cords, laptop batteries, and mounts for pieces of equipment.

Software: This group of assets generally includes purchased software. The following general ledger accounts should be used:

805100 Software (for new software purchases)

805101 Software Maintenance & Renewals

Title Vehicles: For vehicles which have a title and registration, general ledger account 801200 Title Vehicles should be used.  Please ensure that the vehicle has proper insurance coverage; please contact Risk Management.

Fixed Equipment: Fixed equipment is permanently affixed to the building and is therefore not moveable. Examples of fixed equipment are fume hoods, lighting fixtures, HVAC ductwork, vanity tops, etc.  These items should be recorded in general ledger account 805000 Fixed Equipment. Please call Hillary Pierce at x1280 if you have any questions.

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