Journal Entries

​​Below are guidelines & reference materials to assist you in making journal entries.

DOCUMENTATION GUIDELINES : To ensure prompt and accurate processing of your journal entry request, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Send original with backup attached. Valid documentation includes:
    • A copy of the actual invoice with SAP cost Center and G/L noted.
    • SAP Print Screen circling item to be moved.
    • Letter or email with specific funding instructions.
    • Other documentation supporting movement of funds.

  • Use black ink only. The JE's are scanned and other colors do not scan well.

  • Invoice#, or other reference #s in the description line.

    Note: Transactions must have previously been processed in SAP and appear in the cost center and/or G/L being impacted by the journal entry request.

  • Explanations: must be no more than 50 characters. If you want to repeat the explanation, you can use the + sign in the following explanation line.

  • Posting key: must be either (40) for debits or (50) for credits, do not use DR and CR.

Submit Journal Entries to:   Accounting Services, Warriner 304.

Journal Entry Form:   Use the G/L Posting Document (SA) form for journal entries.

For Field Descriptions:   See G/L Posting Document Procedure.

For Journal Entry Examples:  See Sample of the G/L Posting Document and Transfer examples.​