Journal Entries

Below are guidelines and reference materials to assist you in making journal entries.

DOCUMENTATION GUIDELINES : To ensure prompt and accurate processing of your journal entry request, please follow the guidelines below:

Send original with backup attached. Valid documentation includes:


  1. A copy of the actual invoice with SAP cost Center and G/L noted.
  2. SAP Print Screen circling item to be moved.
  3. Letter or email with specific funding instructions.
  4. Other documentation supporting movement of funds.


If there is no backup, the comments section in the bottom corner of the form must be completed.

3 Use black ink only. The JE's are scanned and other colors do not scan well.



Invoice#, or other reference #s in the description line.

Note: Transactions must have previously been processed in SAP and appear in the cost center and/or G/L being impacted by the journal entry request.

5 Explanations: must be no more than 50 characters. If you want to repeat the explanation, you can use the + sign in the following explanation line.
6 Posting key: must be either (40) for debits or (50) for credits, do not use DR and CR.

Submit Journal Entries to:   Accounting Services, Warriner 304.

Journal Entry Form:   Use the G/L Posting Document (SA) form for journal entries.

For Field Descriptions:   See G/L Posting Document Procedure.

For Journal Entry Examples:  See Sample of the G/L Posting Document and Transfer examples.​

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