Closing Internal Orders Used for Construction in Progress Projects

​​Facilities Management requests the closing of Internal Orders used for individual construction projects. The Facilities Management (FM) Administrative Clerk obtains the Project Completion Form which has been signed and approved by the Project Director and Director of Plant Engineering and Planning for the project. This form indicates whether the project expenditures improved or maintained the asset, the total amount expended on the project, the project budget, and the excess budget funding to be returned. The FM Administrative Clerk also ensures that no open purchase orders exist for the internal order to be closed.

Upon receipt of the Project Completion Form, the Plant Fund Accountant verifies that the excess budget funds were returned to the cost center(s) or annual deferred maintenance internal order from which the project was originally funded. The Plant Fund Accountant also verifies that the total expenditures amount reported on the Completion Form agree to the total expenditures amount per SAP. The Accountant then capitalizes or expenses them in accordance with the information provided on the completion form provided by Facilities Management and with CMU's Capitalization Policy. The Plant Fund Accountant then closes the internal order and updates the CIP spreadsheet for the closing of the internal order.​