Restricting Physical Access to Accountant's Computer

​​The accountants have access to process accounting transactions to the university FI/CO/FM SAP System through their user-specific access to SAP. Also, the accountant has the ability to solicit information from other departments pertaining to accounting records through their use of Microsoft Outlook's e-mail function. Furthermore, the accountant maintains accounting records and reconciliations on their hard-drive as well as shared-drive of their computer. Therefore, to eliminate the risk of any unauthorized or accidental access, it is necessary to restrict access to the Accountant's computer when the Accountant is away from his/her desk.

The accountant "locks" their computer by simultaneously striking the "Control", "Alt" and "Delete" keys and then clicking on "Lock Computer". This function is performed whenever the accountant is leaving their desk for more than just a few minutes. This restricts physical access to the accountant's computer by requiring a password (known only by the accountant) to regain entry into the computer.​