Endowments Spendable Estimates


The Board of Trustees has set the endowment spending policy at 4.75% of a 20 quarter rolling market average, including .25% allocated to an administrative fee. The numbers provided are ESTIMATES of amounts that will be disbursed by July accounting month end . Please keep in mind these amounts are ESTIMATES and the actual amount disbursed to the spendable accounts could be much different than the estimate. Departments will be responsible for any fiscal year end deficits in their accounts due to overspending.

Estimates can only be updated after monthly investment accounting is processed. Due to the nature of investments, this will always be just over a month behind. For example, estimates posted in early February will be as of December 31. 

Please email Kylie Bos if you have questions about the estimates or if there is an account listed as no disbursement and you feel it should be disbursed.

The spendable estimates are compiled into a PDF for viewing via the link below beginning in February and are updated monthly through May. 

Endowments Spenda​ble Estimates​​​​​

(last updated 3-20-2020)