Journal Entries

​​Journal Entries

Journal entries (JE's) are used to record revenue, expense and transfer activity into the proper cost center/WBS element and general ledger (G/L) account. Journal entries should be prepared by departmental staff and approved by the person responsible for the cost center/WBS element or their designee. The journal entry, along with supporting document(s), should then be submitted to Accounting Services for review and processing.

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Below are guidelines and reference materials to assist you in preparing journal entries.

GUIDELINES : To ensure prompt and accurate processing of your journal entry request, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Send original with backup attached . Examples of valid documentation include:

  1. A copy of the actual invoice with SAP cost center and G/L noted.
  2. SAP Print Screen circling item to be moved.
  3. Letter or email with specific funding instructions.
  4. Other documentation supporting movement of funds.

2. If there is NO backup, the comments section in the bottom corner of the form must be completed .

3. Use black or blue ink ONLY. The JE's are scanned and other colors do not scan well.

4. When moving a charge from one cost center to another, please provide PO#s, Invoice#, or other reference numbers in the description line.

 N ote : Transactions must have previously been processed in SAP and appear in the cost center and G/L account being impacted by the journal entry request. The JE will not be processed until the original charge being moved has been posted in SAP. Please include a SAP print screen showing that the item to be moved has been processed in SAP.

5. Explanations must be no more than 50 characters. If you want to repeat the explanation, you can use the + sign in the following explanation line.

6. Posting Key: must be either 40 (for debits) or 50 (for credits); do not use DR & CR.

7. Obtain signature of person responsible, or their `designee, for WBS/cost center to indicate approval of department.

SUBMIT JEs TO: Accounting Services, Warriner 304 via fax (1209), campus mail or email to your Accounting Services contact. Please refer to Cost Center Responsibility Data to determine the accountant responsible for your cost center.

JOURNAL ENTRY FORM: Use the G/L Posting Document (SA) form for journal entries. If your journal entry is more than 2 pages, please contact Accounting Services for further guidance.

FIELD DESCRIPTIONS: A description of the fields contained on the G/L Posting Document (SA) form can be found at G/L Field Descriptions 

JOURNAL ENTRY EXAMPLE: Sample of the G/L Posting Document