Year End Contact List

Payroll & Travel Services
​Sara Yonkey​7358
​Treasury & Investments​Kim Wagester7388
​Business Card & Travel/Business Expenses​Caitlyn Kolhoff​​3797
​Accounts Payable​Linda Kaliszewski​​3351
​Registrars​Keith Malkowski​​​
​Auxiliary/Camps & Conferences​Kim Rademacher
​Julie Reynolds
​Financial Planning and Budgets​Linda Gould​1074
Scholarships & Financial Aid​​Kristin Herndon​2063
​Contracting and Purchasing Services & Payables​Anne Thrush
​Admissions​Main Line​3076
​Facilities Management (Payables)Janet Willoughby
Facilities Management​ (Statements/work orders) Michelle Streng​6557
Facilities Management​ (Con​struction projects)​Sue Blubaugh​4955
Facilities Management​ Work (Order Creation)​Dee Porter​6547
​Public Broadcasting (Business Operations)​Shannon Franz​3255
​Library​Brad Stambaugh​6415
​Athletics​Ashley Malley
​Student Employment​Lindsay Ranck​7468
SASUB​​Dan Odykirk ​3159
​Karmen Grondin​6425
Research, Sponsored Programs
​Melinda Brakenberry ​7719
​Internal Audit
​Kasie Natzel
(last updated 3/12/2021