Cost Centers - Fiscally Responsible Individuals Assigned-old

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​An active employee must be assigned to every cost center in SAP.  

  • The Person Responsible is the individual accountable for fiscal oversight of the resources allocated to the cost center.  
  • An Administrative Contact may also be assigned.  

These individuals will electronically receive payroll distribution reports for the cost center and may be contacted if there are any questions about the activity in the cost center. 

Run a Master Data ​​Cost Center Report​​

All cost centers may not have a payroll distribution report.  However, in order to ensure all applicable cost centers are updated when a request is made to change an assigned employee, we ask that you first run the Master Data Report to determine all cost centers currently listed under the employee.  For instructions on how to run the report, click this How to Review Responsible Individuals for SAP Cost Centers PDF file. (The SAP transaction code for the report is ZCCMASTERDATA_CO)

​​Correct or Change Employees Assigned to a Cost Center​​

Download, complete and email the​ Request Change in Cost Center Contact. When you email the change request form, you will also need to cc the current Responsible Person (if this is not yourself) and current Administrative Contact so we can verify the changes.  

For questions, contact Patti DeHarde​ in Accounting Services (2571)​.​