COVID-19 Internal Order Numbers

CMU will need to identify the financial impact of the COVID-19 event on the university.  In order to be able to do so, a series of internal orders numbers have been created which need to be used to tag all related costs, refunds, etc.  Your assistance is essential in making sure we are able to identify all relevant financial transactions. 

Internal order numbers are an additional code that can be placed on nearly all financial transactions.  The financial activity should still be recorded in your cost center with the correct general ledger code, however the internal order number must also be assigned.  This will allow us to run separate reports across all of the cost centers to identify the costs/refunds associated with this event. 

When processing a COVID-19 related cost or refund you need to use three SAP data elements:

  1. Cost Center (or WBS Element)
  2. General Ledger Code
  3. Internal Order (see list below)

It's best to include the internal order number on the original transaction, but it can be added after the fact using the reposting function in SAP.  The list of COVID-19 IOs are:

Order #

​COVID19 Direct Costs
One-time costs directly related to the significant event:  for example, room board refunds, event refunds, costs to bring study abroad students home, additional medical supplies,  costs related to the isolation area (linens, cleaning), cancelled travel costs, etc.
​COVID19 Ancillary Costs
​Costs incurred due to the event, but that were elective or will serve the university long term:  for example, new technology equipment for a department, etc. 
​COVID19 Grant Costs
Grant related costs incurred due to the event.  These expenses are recorded to grant accounts (WBS elements) and would be eligible for reimbursement by the grantor.  We are tagging them to track the overall impact or to know if/when the grantor asks.
​COVID19 PTO Costs 
Paid time off costs related to the event.  To track payroll related administrative PTO.  
​Project ION for FM expenses.

If you have questions on how to use internal order numbers, please call Accounting Services at x3707. 

Carrie E Rojas ( at x3489 is the main contact for the COVID-19 tracking.

(last updated 4/23/2020)