Work Study Cost Centers

​​Federal Work Study
Cost Center: 68xxx
Wage type: 0HCW (G/L acct. 624200)

Michigan Undergraduate Work Study
Cost Center: 68xxx
Wage type: 0HMU (G/L acct. 624300)

Michigan Graduate Work Study
Cost Center: 62xxx
Wage type: 0HMG (G/L acct. 624400)

Departments that submit time sheets with cost centers and wage types other than what is listed above may be charging their own department in error. Federal and Michigan Undergraduate work study wages must be paid from a cost center in the work study series 68xxx, and the Michigan Graduate must only be paid from 62xxx.

NON-WORK STUDY students are only to be charged to:

General Student Assistants
Cost Center: 2xxxx or any except 68xxx
Wage Type: 0HGS (G/L acct. 621800)

If there are any questions about work study, please contact Stephanie Carroll in Accounting Services at ext. 7359 or If you have questions about student’s time records, please call Payroll at ext. 3481.​

(updated 4/3/2020)