CMU Business Card Agreement

Central Michigan University
Credit Card Services
204 Warriner Hall
Phone: (989) 774-3481
Fax: (989) 774-1069


After completing this form, please mail it to 204 Warriner Hall or fax it to Corey Alspaugh or Chris Zalud at (989) 774-1069.

Section 1:  Contact Information for Employee applying for CMU Business Card
                  Note: A cardholder can have only one CMU Business Card in their name.

First Name:       Last Name:   
Employee Type:  Faculty    Chairperson      Staff     Sr. Officer    
Note: Grad Assistants, temporary and student employees are not eligible.
Campus Address:
City:       State:         Zip:   
Phone Number:       Fax Number:
Global ID / Email:       Campus ID:
Default Account Codes If you are a Global Campus Employee, you are REQUIRED to provide a GL and Internal Order Number.
Cost Center/Grant/WBS#:    
GL Account:   Default GL Account / Can be changed
Internal Order #    REQUIRED for Global Campus Employees
**If using a Grant/WBS Element: Date Grant Expires:  Backup Cost Center: 
**The backup cost center will be used if there are problems with the grant account or there are charges after the grant has expired.

Section 2 :   PNC ActivePay Access

ActivePay is an on-line web application for editing the cost center, G/L and/or adding an internal order number for CMU Business Credit Card transactions.  The ActivePay Training Manual is available on the Financial Services Website. Active Pay Training Manual.
Would you (the cardholder) like access to ActivePay? Yes No

I authorize the following person to request information and have ActivePay access to my credit card account. If this individual does not already have an ActivePay Account, they need to fill out the ActivePay Account Access and Maintenance Form.
First Name:       Last Name:   
Phone Number:       Fax Number:
______________________________            ________________
Authorized Individual's Signature                    Print Name                                   Date

Section 3 :   Select Credit Limit 
                   Note: must be approved by department Director or Sr. Officer

The single purchase limit for supply and equipment items will be $2,500 for all cardholders.
Monthly Credit Limit:  (ensure when printing, your selection is clearly visible)
    $    1,000  or      $    2,500  or     $    5,000    or       $  10,000    or 
    $  15,000  or        $  Other ________________  
Section 4 :   Responsibilities
The named cardholder and their department agree to adhere to the Procedures governing the CMU Business Card, as well as the Business Expense Policies  The CMU Business Card is not to be used for personal purchases. If a card is lost, the cardholder or user department has the responsibility to notify PNC and the Payroll & Travel Services department immediately. If the card is stolen, the cardholder or user department has the responsibility to notify Campus Police and the Payroll & Travel Services department. It is the department's responsibility to notify the Payroll & Travel Services department when the cardholder is terminated from the University so the card can be cancelled. The "Close Account Request" form is on the Financial Services website.
Should the named cardholder terminate employment with the University, the user department has the responsibility to retain the receipts etc., and destroy the CMU Business Card prior to the employee's termination date. 
CMU Business Card distribution will occur after cardholder participation at a required training session for new cardholders.  Dates and times of training are available on the Financial Services website .
NOTE: Monthly charges will automatically be paid by Payable Accounting. The account codes designated above will be charged unless changed by the cardholder or authorized individual, using ActivePay.

Section 5 :  Authorizing Signatures

As holder of this CMU Business Credit Card and as the designated department approver, we agree to accept the responsibility for the protection and proper use of this card, as explained above. Charges to the CMU Business Card that exceed University policy or are considered inappropriate use of University funds, will be payroll deducted from the cardholder's paycheck. Likewise, credits due back to the cardholder will be direct deposited to the cardholder's bank account. The Payroll/Travel department will notify the cardholder of any amount being deducted from their paycheck prior to the payroll run.
______________________________            ________________
Applicant/Cardholder Signature                    Print Name                                       Date
______________________________             ________________
Sr. Officer/Director Signature                        Print Name                                      Date
When printing the completed form, please ensure that your selections for check boxes and radio selections print legibly.  Should they not be visible, please mark the appropriate selections before mailing or faxing the form.  After completing the form, please mail it to Warriner Hall 204 or fax it to (989) 774-1069.
Last updated:  10/31/2013