SAP Account Requests

SAP User Requests

Financial Information Systems is responsible for maintaining users in the SAP system. Guidelines for the use of SAP accounts are shown on the SAP Account Responsibilities page; this information is summarized below.

To request access, complete the online SAP User Request form. If you need update or other special access, include this information or indicate a user who has similar access. Please include the business purpose for non-standard requests, including requests for Campus Management.

The account request process has 3 steps:

  1. Submit the online SAP User Request form, indicating approver if needed;
  2. When the request form is received and processed by the security administrator, an account status email will be sent to the requestor for additional information;
  3. Upon receipt of the additional information by the security administrator, the account will be finalized and the requestor's login information will be emailed via the CMICH email account.
If you had SAP access previously but moved to a new/different position (position number), and you need SAP in your new/different position (position number), a SAP New Position request form must be submitted correctly and approved by the new supervisor to gain SAP access in the new/different position (position number).

If student employee or temporary employee SAP accounts have reached an expiration date prior to the end of their appointment in your department, supervisors must submit a tech support ticket (SAP Change) (as of Jan. 1, 2020, emails are no longer accepted for SAP extensions).  SAP security access for student and temporary employees is based on assignment start/end dates and supervisor approval. If these employees need access extended, submit one ticket with all students and temps with assignment dates. Security extensions will be processed if employee hire extensions have been processed by respective employment offices. New user forms are generally only required when employees start or need access the first time.

All requests are subject to approval. Requests for more than Standard User access usually require the approval of other departments (access to the HR system, for example). In addition, accounts with no activity for 6 consecutive months may be deleted.

We are normally able to process a request within 24 hours once received with all necessary approvals. Requests for accounts may be delayed up to 1 week during peak request times.