SAP GUI Installation

SAP GUI Install

You should never need to do this by your self.  The latest version of SAP GUI is included on all reimaged computers.  If for any reason you need to install the SAP GUI it is highly recomended that you contact a member of your local IT group.

The SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) is needed to access the SAP system. If the GUI is not installed on your PC when you receive your account, and you are using Windows and SMS, you can install the GUI yourself. If you do not have SMS installed, or are a Mac user, you will either need to contact your department's technical support staff or the Help Desk at x3662 to arrange for installation of the SAP GUI.

Installation Procedure

To install the GUI from SMS, go to the Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel).

In the Control Panel, click Advertised Programs(32-bit) not the Advertised Program Monitor.

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If your are using Control Panel Category View then under Programs click Get Programs.

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Install Version 7.20

To install the new version of the software, select version 7.20 of the SAP GUI and follow the prompts to install the software (only the GUI itself is needed, not any of the add-ons or development tools).

Note: if using a copy of the SAP GUI on CD, the install program is called SETUP.EXE, located in the \GUI\WINDOWS\WIN32 folder.

Before the installation starts a window may popup and inform you that you need to restart before installation. You do not need to restart. The installation will proceed if you click "No."

On the screen where the individual GUI components are selected (below), select only the GUI itself to be installed. Other components in the SAP GUI section are not needed and will only create unnecessary shortcuts on the Windows Desktop.