SAP Security Authorizations

SAP Security Authorizations

In SAP, access to all system functionality is controlled through a complex array of authorization objects. Each authorization object controls access to from one to as many as ten different fields (data elements). For example, the task of paying a vendor invoice requires 10 different authorization objects.

Security in the system is usually set up to allow either display access or update access. Occasionally users may find that they lack the necessary authorizations to perform a certain function in the system, in which case the message: "You are not authorized..." will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

SAP error code

If you encounter this message, you should inform the SAP Security Administrator so the issue may be researched, but the first step you need to take is to display the authorization object that is being checked. You can do this in one of two ways.

Method one: click System > Utilities > Display Authorization Check.

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Method two: in the entry box at the upper left, enter /nSU53 and press Enter.


Method three: Off the initial screen, under User Menu, user help, DBL click SU53 Display Check Values.
or expand Z_STARTUP and DBL click SU53 Display Check Values.
User Helpor Z_STARTUP(Click on thumbnail image to enlarge)

This message is what the Security Administrator needs to determine the access that is required (or whether this access should be granted).

You can print this to your SAP spool file and the screen can be viewed there (you'll need to send an email to the Security Administrator). ‚Äč