SAP User Menu

Enabling the SAP User Menu

To navigate in SAP, the SAP GUI offers the standard SAP Menu, which contains the complete menu structure for all the SAP modules, or a User Menu, which consists of the specific security 'roles' and their associated transactions that are assigned to you as a user. Often the User Menu will be easier to use, because it only lists the transactions for which you have been granted access. You can toggle back and forth between the SAP Menu and the User Menu as needed.

  • When you first logon to SAP you will probably see the SAP Menu:

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  • To enable the User Menu, click on the User Menu Button.

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  • To make this menu more meaningful you need to change your settings. Click on Extras, Settings, and select the bottom three options:

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Role names should be relatively descriptive.

The Z_STANDARD and Z_STARTUP roles are provided to nearly all users.

Z_STARTUP grants general access privileges to SAP, while Z_STANDARD provides display access to the financial, purchasing, and organizational management components of the system. You may have other roles assigned to you depending on your job requirements.

  • To run an individual transaction, open the Role folder by double-clicking on it, then double-click on the transaction code.

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In the above example, you can launch the standard report tree by clicking on FMRA. If you run a transaction frequently, you can drag it into your Favorites menu at the top of the screen.

Also note the User Help subfolder, which contains links to documentation and training materials.