Troubleshooting SAP Security Issues

Troubleshooting SAP Security Issues

1. General SAP Assistance/Help

Contact the Help Desk at 774-3662.

2. Password Re-Sets

For all password resets to any system, PLEASE contact the Help Desk first at x3662. If they are not able to help you, please contact Chris Gilstad (x7362) or Chris McBride (x3214).

3. New User Access

For new account requests go to SAP Account Requests and fill out a request form. Any questions on new account requests can be directed to Chris McBride (x3214) or Chris Gilstad (x7362).

4. Test Systems (Non-PRD) Security Issues

For all issues not in PRD where you would normally contact the security administrator, please contact Ron Shoemaker at x3065 or email at or Cherie Devereaux at x1258 or email at

5. Validity Date Issues (Returning Students/Temp Employees )

If you believe you have a validity date problem with an account, please contact Chris Gilstad (x7362) or Chris McBride (x3214).

6. Other Security Issues

For all other issues that you have worked through with others and have no solution but are quite sure that it is a security issue, including if you already have an SAP account but need additional security, please fill out the SAP Security Change Request form at the Help Desk Portal page.

7. Other Sources of Helpful Information


HR (Human Resources) Web site

BI (Business Intelligence) Web site