SAP Information

SAP Account Responsibilities

Employees of the university, including faculty, staff and students, will be granted an SAP account upon receipt of an SAP Account Request Form that is signed by the individual and the account director. All account requests are subject to approval. Temporary staff and students must have an account expiration date filled in on the form.

Standard SAP accounts include access to information needed for account reconciliation, including accounting activity, budgets, purchase orders, vendor payments, and very basic Campus Management information. Requests for update capability, or access beyond the scope of account reconciliation access, are subject to approval by the operational department (Accounting Services, Admissions, Human Resources/Staff, Payable Accounting, Payroll, Purchasing, Student Account Services & University Billing , or Registrar).

All SAP accounts will be reviewed for logon activity four times per year. Accounts with no activity for the previous 6 months may be deleted (new accounts with no logons are deactivated after three months) . If an account is deleted, the user must reapply for a new account.

For departments with update capability, changes in staff responsibilities also need to be communicated to the Security Administrator so that SAP system security may be kept current with individual job functions.

Users who lock their account or forget their password should call the Help Desk at x3662. To protect the university and the user's account, users will be asked to provide a secret word that is entered when the account is set up. If the user cannot provide their secret word, the Help Desk will not unlock the account. The user must then present picture ID at the Help Desk in the Park Library to get their account unlocked.

If you have any questions regarding these procedures, call the SAP Security Administrator at x7362.