American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

​​​​​​Overview of the Recovery Act

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law by President Obama on February 17 th, 2009. The Recovery Act provides approximately $22 billion in funding opportunities for colleges and universities.

There are significant reporting requirements for awards made with ARRA funds. Award recipients are required to submit quarterly reports within ten days of the close of each calendar quarter. The reports must include certain information defined by the federal legislation. Since most of the required information can be obtained by Grant Accounting they will be responsible for preparing and submitting the required reports. Some of the required information is more readily available to the Principal Investigators. Grant Accounting will provide periodic notices to the PI requesting any required information that they cannot obtain from centralized records.

The first statutory reporting deadline is October 10, 2009. Central reporting instructions are available. Grant Accounting is the only unit that will register to submit reports under the ARRA centralized electronic reporting system. Please do not attempt to register to report on your project.

PI Reporting Responsibilities

Grant Accounting Reporting Responsibilities

Identifying ARRA Awards & Award Set Up

1.       The sponsor notice of award should reference ARRA funding and the applicable ARRA terms and conditions.

2.       The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number should indicate an ARRA award as it was required for agencies to create new CFDA numbers specifically for ARRA grants.

3.       All ARRA funds will be accounted for in a separate WBS Element.

4.       There is no co-mingling of ARRA and non-ARRA funds.

5.       The short award title and long award title will both begin with ARRA.

Special Conditions ARRA awards are subject to

1.        Quarterly reports - due to no later than 10 days after the end of each calendar quarter, starting with the quarter ending September 30, 2009. The reports will be submitted by the Grant Accounting Office.

2.       Timely expenditure of funds, as it is expected extensions will not be allowed. If no allowable expenditures have been incurred after 12 months, your award may be reduced or terminated by the funding agency.

3.       Failure to submit timely reports may result in the federal agency taking administrative action, including disallowance of costs or the suspension or termination of the award.

4.       Quarterly reports submitted to will be made available to the public at for review.

Recipient Reporting of ARRA Funds

As required by Section 1512 of the Recovery Act each prime recipient is required to report to no later than 10 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

PI Reporting Responsibilities

 Grant Accounting will be submitting the quarterly reports based on the financial data in SAP and will be relying on the Principal Investigators for the non financial data elements such as:

1.      Quarterly Activities/Project Description - A description of the overall purpose and expected outcomes or results of the award to date.

2.      Project Status - An evaluation of the completion status of the project or activity for which ARRA funds under this award were obligated and expended. One of the following categories must be selected: not started, less than 50% completed, 50% completed, completed.

3.      Number of Jobs - An estimate of the number of jobs created or retained by each project or activity

a.      Grant Accounting will need to know the total number of hours that were funded in the quarter by the Recovery Act. Grant Accounting will provide a report to the PI with the number of hours worked by each employee for the quarter based on data in Timelink and SAP. The PI will need to review the report and provide notification of any adjustments or corrections. PI will be responsible for processing any corrections identified as soon as possible.

4.      Description of Jobs Created - A brief description of the jobs created and jobs retained  to date which includes impact on sub-recipients

    1. Describe jobs using titles, broader labor categories, or your unit's existing practice for describing jobs as long as the terms used are widely understood and explain the general nature of the work.

Grant Accounting Reporting Responsibilities

Grant Accounting will provide other data elements that are required to be reported under Section 1512 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. These data elements include, but are not limited to:

1.      Awarding agency name

2.      Award number

3.      Award date

4.      Amount of Award

5.      Award Description

6.      Project Name

7.      Total ARRA funds received/invoiced for

8.      Total ARRA expenditures

9.      Total Number of payments to vendors less than $25,000

10.     Total Amount of payments to vendors less than $25,000

11.      Total Number of sub-awards less than $25,000

12.     Total Amount of sub-awards less than $25,000

13.     Total Number of payments to individuals

14.     Total Amount of payment to individuals

15.     Job Creation and Retention FTE Calculation

16.     For sub-awards and vendor payments greater than $25,000 there are additional requirements

a.      Sub-awards greater than $25,000

                                                          i.      Sub-recipient  DUNS

                                                         ii.      Sub-recipient CCR information

                                                        iii.      Sub-recipient type

                                                         iv.      Sub-recipient congressional district

                                                          v.      Amount received by sub-recipient

                                                         vi.      Amount awarded to sub-recipient

                                                        vii.      Sub-award date

                                                       viii.      Sub-award period

                                                         ix.      Sub-recipient place of performance

                                                          x.      Sub-recipient officer names and compensation                                                                      (Top 5)

                                                         xi.      Sub-recipient payments greater than $25,000

1.      DUNS or Name and zip code of Headquarters

b.      Vendor Payments greater than $25,000

                                                           i.      DUNS or Name and zip code of Headquarters

                                                          ii.      Expenditure Amount

                                                         iii.      Expenditure Description

Time Frame for Quarterly Reporting

Days 1-10

Prepare and enter reporting information. Data at this time is considered to be in pre-submission status until explicitly submitted.

Days 11-21

Prime recipients ensure that complete and accurate reporting information is provided prior to the Federal agency comment period beginning.

Days 22-29

Federal agencies review and may comment on the submitted information. Submitted reports will not be editable by prime recipients during this time period unless notified by the Federal agency. If this occurs the corrections must be made by the 29 th day following the quarter end.



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